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Christmas Horror Movies You Haven't Seen

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Christmas Horror Movies You Haven't Seen

August 27, 2012
By The Horror Czar, Don Sumner

Scream Queens Naked Christmas movie poster

Before you hit the more "advanced" Holiday horror, make sure and get through the Christmas Horror List from last year. We are determined to assemble the most comprehensive Christmas Horror listing ever, so we will strive to find some that you haven't seen every year. Ho Ho Ho!












Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)Rare Exports movie poster

In Finland a group of workers are excavating something from inside a mountain. Meanwhile a group of reindeer herders discover that something is slaughtering reindeer nearby. Things are missing around town as well - all very strange until a scary guy is caught in a trap who reacts violently to children and gingerbread. Could this be the dark elf of Santa who torturs naughty children? Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a new entry to the holiday horror realm and is actually a very good and scary film that would be recommended even if it weren't the Christmas season. This is destined to become a Christmas classic so be the first Freak on the block to say "yeah, I've seen that".

Treevenge (short, 2008)Treevenge poster
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While this film is a mere 16 minutes long it packs a ton of Christmas punch. When you choose that tree every year, wrap it in plastic netting to strap it to the top of your car and then shove it in a tree stand and adorne it with embarassingly tacky tinsel and glass orbs, do you ever think about how the tree feels? Hobo with a Shotgun filmmakers Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill do, and Treevenge chronicles the horrible nightmare endured by these fragrant holiday traditions, and the day they strike back. Simply amazing and an absolute 'must watch'.

Gingerdead Man (2005)The Gingerdead Man poster

I've got two words for you: Gary Busey. He's the big draw in this silly horror/comedy about a gingerbread man possessed by the consciousness of a killer. Okay, this doesn't have much to do with Christmas per se, but I remember gingerbread man cookies and such fondly from holidays at home, so anyone with a similar childhood experience may channel the association. Aside from the fact that this isn't particularly holiday oriented this horrr/comedy is neither scary nor funny. I did meet one of the chicks in this film (or maybe it was a sequel) who is an author that wears cheerleader outfits. That brush with fame didn't make The Gingerdead Man any better.

Don't Open 'Till Christmas (1984)Don't Open 'Till Christmas DVD Cover

Now here's an interesting twist - Instead of just a killer dressed as Santa as in Silent Night, Deadly Night, Don't Open 'Till Christmas has a killer who kills other people dressed in Santa suits. This one happens in London and we get to follow the goofy inspectors of Scotland Yard as they bumble through an investigation as one Santa after another is slain and stacked. The fact that this is a slasher-type horror movie from the mid-eighties puts it on the "I'll consider it" list, but don't get your hopes up.

A Christmas Tale (2008)A Christmas Tale poster

So, this one is a bit different from the others as it's from Spain and revolves around a woman dressed in a Santa suit who some kids find trapped in a deep hole in the woods. They suspect that she is indeed a robber who made away with a ton of cash, so decide to keep her there until she gives up the location of the booty. A Christmas Tale is one of 6 Spanish films under the umbrella of "Films to Keep You Awake" - kind of like the Masters of Horror series that made a couple of seasons here in the U.S. This is a good film to add to your Yuletide Cheer.

Scream Queens' Naked Christmas (1996)Scream Queens' Naked Christmas poster

In the original Christmas Horror Movies List we noted a film starring a BHM favorite Debbie Rochon, Santa Claws. Well, that film is about the filming of Scream Queens' Naked Christmas and the mayhem that ensues for the partially to fully nude lovelies, and this is that film. Partly that, and partly a promotion for Santa Claws. This film is included as a special feature with that film, and also stands alone. It may or may not be worth your time to watch this one alone, but rest assured that Ms. Debbie Rochon is absolutely fabulous in it.



Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)Santa Clause Conquers the Martians poster

This film is not really horror, but more sci-fi and goofballian, but it should be included on any Horror Freaks watch list. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians even has some notoriety as it was named one of the 100 Most Amusingly Bad Movies Ever Made in the Official Razzie Movie Guide. Santa is kidnapped by Martians who are trying to learn how to laugh, but luckily Santa is a crafty one and wins the day for Christmas lovers everywhere. Wow, the act of writing that out is a bit difficult, and watching this film may be also. Lots of people like this one though, if not for the reasons the filmmakers intended.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)Jack Frost 2 poster

As if there needed to be a sequel to Jack Frost (mentioned in the Christmas Horror Movies list) this lovely entertainment bonanza came along in 2000 and is actually pretty funny. The survivors from Jack Frost decide to go on a Caribbean vacation to take their minds off of the frozen and deadly events. Unfortunately the thawed murder gets refrozen and somehow gains the ability to remain frozen even in tropical climates... and he's got a score to settle. Absolutely terrible, yes... but still kind of funny. Maybe a guilty pleasure?


Psycho Santa (2003)Psycho Santa dvd cover

This one should have been included on the Christmas Horror Movies List the first time because the only way it can be found is on a double feature with previously included Satan Claus. Psycho Santa is really an anthology as a disgruntled husband being forced to go to a Christmas party that he does not want to attend tells his wife terrible tales of murderous St. Nick. There are lengthy shower scenes and a girl does a dance in her nightie, but mostly this film is encapsulated by the proposed new title one reviewer gave it: Walking Around Until a Murderous Santa Shows Up. Yeah, that about covers it.

P2 (2007)P2 poster

Even though P2 was in movie theaters just a few short years ago, it is still a movie that most people have never seen. The Christmas theme is a bit sparce, but the action does happen on Christmas Eve in the parking garage of a Manhattan office building. This one is highly underated and didn't really spark the interest of Horror Freaks when it came around the first time, but as a good scary movie with a Christmas theme it's a good choice.


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