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Evil Dead Explained: What Happened, in Detail! [Spoiler]

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Evil Dead Explained: What Happened, in Detail! [Spoiler]

April 10, 2013
By Don Sumner - Editor-in-Chief

Evil Dead (2013) - cutting off face

Evil Dead (review) finally released theatrically on April 5, 2013 – none too soon for horror fans itching to see what a remake of the classic Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell film would look like with those two involved in the production. This film is yet another example of how much intel can be gained by checking out the pre-release and critic screening schedules; those films that the filmmakers know is a pile of crap will severely limit the pre-release showings and even refuse to do critic screenings, while those that are really great are showing all over the place. Evil Dead was showing all over with special event screenings and festival premiers long before the intended release date. We saw a similar thing happening with Sinister back in October 2012.

Evil Dead is a direct remake of The Evil Dead, and carries most of the set-up themes and character placements of the original. The reason everyone is at the isolated cabin in the woods, and the names of all of the participants have changed, but ultimately the scenario is pretty identical to the 1980s fan favorite. The beauty of this remake is that there are also some interesting twists and turns added to the equation, along with an amount of gore and thoughtfully-applied effects to really add power to the feature rather than being some stupid and ill-conceived remake meant only to capitalize on the name that’s gained such a cult following. We have a limited-spoiler review of the film available for those who didn’t make it out for the big opening weekend and don’t want to have Evil Dead explained in totality. For others, this is where the spoilers start.

What follows is a full description of what happens in Evil Dead, from beginning to end with all details revealed. This is your final warning – if you are not interested in spoilers or will hate yourself for reading when you’re done, do not read this. Go to the review instead!

Bloody Insane - Evil Dead Redband Trailer


***Warning: Evil Dead Spoilers Below***


Evil Dead (2013) - bloody face


Now that our conscience is clear that we won’t be ruining Evil Dead for anyone, we can press on.

The film begins with a young woman, covered in blood and mud and marked with cuts and open wounds, stumbling through the woods alone. Sounds in the shadows betray a malevolent pursuer, and she tries to run and hide behind a tree, but no no avail; two men capture the girl, tie her up, and blind her with a black hood. When she is unhooded she is tied to a beam in the basement of… “the cabin”… and she is surrounded by a band of crazy and dirty looking people and her father. She begs her father to let her go, asks who all of these people are, and generally behaves as if she is the victim of some kind of satanic cult. What we find out, however, is that she is a deadite, has killed her mother, and that her father and the locals are trying to release her soul and get rid of the zombie deadite. Her father then pours gasoline over her and sets her on fire.

Later we see David (Shiloh Fernandez) driving to, and then arriving at, the infamous cabin in the woods with his girlfriend in tow. There are some others already there and waiting outside, including his sister Mia. Everyone is acting like it’s so surprising that David showed up, and we find out as things move along that David has been largely gone from the group, including his friends and family. This cabin is is an old family vacation place that belonged to David and Mia’s parents, and we learn that their mother became very ill, prompting David to move away and never visit because he couldn’t handle her suffering. Mia was the one who stayed behind to wipe her mother’s chin, empty her bedpans, and watch her die. We also learn that the purpose of this getaway is to hold the hand of Mia as she detoxes from her drug addiction. She had gone through a similar attempt to kick the habit once before with no success, but an overdose that almost claimed her life shocked everyone into the realization that this time it has to be for real.

Things start off pretty friendly, but very quickly Mia starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms and becomes a raving lunatic. She also starts complaining that the house stinks like something dead, and one of the friends (who is also a nurse it seems) tells her it’s only because her senses are hyperactive. When the dog starts sniffing at the rug in the middle of the room, however, David pulls it back to reveal a trap door in the middle of the floor. Curious sidenote: if this is an old family place then it’s kind of strange that the existence of a trap door in the middle of the living room floor is a huge surprise to David, but it is indeed a surprise. He and the other guy friend Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) venture down into the basement, and find the source of the stink – dozens of dead cats are hanging by their necks from the basement ceiling.

Evil Dead (2013) - Terrified of Demons

As the lads investigate the room they notice the burns on the supporting beam where the girl in the beginning was killed, and they also find something wrapped in black plastic (that looks like a hefty bag) and wrapped in barbed wire. Eric takes the book back upstairs and puts it in his room, and David closes up the basement door and promises to do something with the cats in the morning.

That night Eric cuts away the barbed wire covering the object wrapped in black plastic and opens the package up – it is the “book of the dead” which, according to the original The Evil Dead, is bound in human skin and inked in human blood. The book has a bunch of scary drawings in it as well as writing in another language, possibly Latin. There are also hand-written warnings throughout the book saying things like “don’t read this”, “this book is evil”, “read anything here and you will die”, that sort of thing. Of course, Eric reads it from cover to cover anyway. There are some particular things that the handwritten notes are particularly urgent that nobody read, and those passages are covered up with thick pen marks in an attempt to make them illegible. Eric gets some blank paper and uses a pencil to make an etching of those words, and as each one becomes visible he says it aloud.

While all of this is happening Mia takes off outside to rant and rave by herself in the woods, and begins having visions of the dead girl from the beginning of the film, chasing her. We in the audience also see the trademark camera shots moving through the woods, see dry ice smoke coming up from the dirt, and hear the creepy voice saying “join us” – all things that happened in the first The Evil Dead when the tape recorder chanted the same words that Eric spoke out loud. Well, Mia gets spooked by strange voices and the appearance of the dead girl and goes running around, falling down all the while, until she gets caught in some vines and twigs that seem to be holding her prisoner and keeping her immobile. Then the dead girl appears again, right in front of Mia, and a big worm-like thing comes out of her mouth, crawls across the ground and up Mia’s leg, and disappears inside her vagina. Mia then breaks free and runs back to the house.

Once Mia arrives at the house she tells David (who is the “Ash” character at this point, showing many parallels to Bruce Campbell’s character from the original) that there’s something in the woods, they are all going to die, she has to get out of here, blah blah blah… and David says that he won’t take her anywhere because she has to get off drugs. So, Mia goes into her room, out her window, and takes off in one of the cars on her own. She sees the ghost girl again and crashes the car into a swamp. The others find her and take her back to the cabin, but when they aren’t looking she goes into the bathroom and sits under the scalding water, giving herself bad burns. David then tries to take her to the hospital, but the road is washed out, so he brings her back and the nurse girl gives her a huge amount of tranquelizers. Still, Mia gets up and announces to the group that they are all going to die tonight, and she has funky eyes. Oh, and at some point Mia also killed the dog. Mia becomes so violent that they have to put her down in the basement, under the trap door.

Evil Dead (2013) - Warning!

Well, the nurse girl who tended to Mia right after the burns is not doing so well, and starts seeing weird things in the bathroom mirror. Then the mirror bursts outward, showering glass everywhere. When Eric goes into the bathroom to see what’s happening she finds the nurse girl on her hands and knees in the shower, cutting off her face with a shard of glass. Eric at this point is understanding that the pictures and stories in the book he’s been reading are coming true, and knows that this girl is demon-possessed, so when the girl comes after him he kills her by smashing her head in. David and his girlfriend then come into the room and see Eric sitting on the floor in front of the smashed-head nurse girl, who is dead.

With all of the commotion going on Mia seems to have escaped the basement, as the basement door is open. David and Eric go outside to look for her, but Mia is still in the basement, and lures David’s girlfriend down there to help her, sounding all sweet. Once she’s down there, however, she gets demon-like again and when the girlfriend breaks a step trying to get out she has to crawl to safety, and Mia grabs her leg. Once they are both down there together Mia gets a knife and cuts her tongue down the middle like a serpent tongue, but David pulls his girlfriend out and saves her in the nick of time. David then uses chains to secure the door in a similar fashion to how Ash did the same thing in the original The Evil Dead.

Well, David’s girlfriend isn’t doing so well, now that she’s spent time alone with Mia, and her hand starts to grab at her face on it’s own. So, she does what anyone would do – cuts off her arm with an electric carving knife. David and Eric try to tie up the arm and get her into bed because she’s passed out or something, but she gets up grabs a shotgun with her good hand and shoots Eric, in the shoulder if I remember correctly. David then fights with her and gets thrown around a bit, but in the nick of time Eric gets the gun and shoots her down. At this point Eric shares the whole story with David, including the three ways to stop the deadites: burning, burying alive, or bodily dismemberment. We also learn that there is one particular demon behind this all, and once he can consume 5 souls he will walk the earth and basically end life as we know it.

David’s girlfriend revives and starts shooting a nail gun, getting a few nails into David and a ton of nails into Eric before being subdued again. Eric, now, is about to die. At about this time a bolt of lightening strikes a tree outside and it catches on fire, and suddenly David knows what he needs to do: go get Mia and bury her alive.

Evil Dead (2013) - Cutting tongue with knife

David goes down in the basement to look for Mia, and when he finds her she tosses him around a bit down there – a section of the basement is full of water so he does a bunch of splashing around and it looks like he’s going to be drowned, but Eric isn’t dead after all and saves David and they subdue Mia, before Eric succumbs to his many wounds and dies. David then takes Mia outside with a plastic bag on her head and some kind of ceremonial dress on and digs a hole to bury her. Mia starts talking in her normal Mia voice to try and convince David she’s okay now, but he still buries her, and once he does so the fire in the tree goes out. David immediately digs Mia up and uses a contraption with a battery hooked up to it to restart her heart and bring her back, just the way she was brought back after her drug overdose. It seems that David has beat the demon and saved his sister, but…

David tries to go into the house and spreads gasoline around, intending to burn the house and the bodies inside. Just as he starts the fire, though, he discovers that Eric is now a deadite, and at least one of the girls who was previously possessed is inside as well. David then gives his jeep keys to Mia and locks himself inside the cabin, so that he too will die along with the demon zombies. Mia watches the place burn, and prepares to head off to safety, until…

The ghost-demon girl from the beginning is back after her now, trying to get her back into the fold. The demon girl pushes the jeep over and Mia almost escapes the crush, but her hand gets caught. As the demon girl approaches Mia rips her hand off and gets ahold of a chainsaw from the shed, and in the nick of time she starts it up (with her good hand) and cuts the demon girl’s head in half. She then goes walking off, the burning cabin behind her. Credits.

There are mixed reports of alternate scenes at the end of the credits, and it does appear that there may be more than one version in different theaters. Read the accounting of the alternate ending scene rumors, and reality here.

Evil Dead (2013) - Attacked by the Woods


Key Question Analysis

Character Twist

One of the striking elements of Evil Dead, considering it is of course a remake of The Evil Dead, is the treatment of the “Ash character”. Bruce Campbell, of course, plays Ash Williams in the original, and he is the final survivor of the film. David in Evil Dead fulfills the Ash role throughout the majority of the film, even being thrown around in a similar fashion and sharing the same moments of moral dilemma when he can’t decide whether to cut up and kill his former friends, or try to save them. In the original the first demon zombie, and ringleader of the zombie pack is Ash’s sister Cheryl, and Mia takes the Cheryl role through the majority of the film, even sitting under the door of the basement and taunting the others in the same way Cheryl did. At the end, though, those roles switch up. Once Mia is “saved” she becomes the one who wields the chainsaw, and she is the one who survives. Mia, in the end, is the Ash character. This is a great twist.

5 Souls for the demon

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the 5 souls, and which ones they were to allow the demon in the end to arise. Some of the arguments are that it’s not right that the demon arose at all, because there never were the 5 souls… David never turned, and Mia was saved, so at best, even if Mia “counted”, there were only 4, and perhaps only 3. Another argument is that Ash indeed turned before he died, and Mia did count, so there are your 5. Yet another argument is that Ash turned, Mia did NOT count, but the girl in the beginning was the first, so only 4 more were needed. Finally, some are also saying that the dog counted as one of the souls.

Sorry folks, but none of these are right. The fact is, the demon never did arise at all. The big climax at the end with the demon girl was just that, a confrontation with the demon girl. She didn’t just show up at the end, she showed up in the beginning too. She had been hanging around underground since the first sequence of the film when she was burned up. Because this big bad demon never arose, one of two things must have happened: Mia didn’t count, and/or David didn’t turn. Probably both, since that girl in the beginning very well may have been number one. So, with beginning girl, plus girlfriend plus nurse plus Eric, that’s 4… one more is needed. We never hit 5. Granted, to make this case we must also assume that Mia was resuscitated before Eric turned, because otherwise Eric would have been the fifth. That’s my position anyway… please, if you have something that makes more sense then this, please share it below and we’ll debate until the deadites come home.


This film was very respectful of the source material while still adding something new to the story, and that’s a win. Read the full review here.


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April 10, 2013
My analysis & abomination Mia
By: Heather
Part 1 of my analysis: The creature at the end is Mia (the abomination). Think of it as "evil Mia" (like evil Ash). Her soul was taken\, and split off\, so it counted toward the 5. I didn't understand that at first either; I totally thought the creature at the end was just some generic creature but IMDB credits an actor (yes, male) as Abomination Mia - plus after my third viewing I can confirm that thing has a burned face exactly like Mia's. Also notice how "cured" Mia had no burns (or split tongue)? I've thought about this a lot haha. My analysis is a long 2-parter (and I'm writing a third part now)
April 10, 2013
April 10, 2013
Blood Rain
By: CcBloom
it was stated that once 5 souls were consumed then the sky would rain bloody to welcome the demon to our world\, so the movie portrayed that scenario\, did it not?
April 10, 2013
You might want to re-read your review
By: CraigMax
There are a few times when you refer to David as both "Brian" and "Ash". There was no Brian in the film at all. As for the 5 souls, I count the girl who was set on fire at the beginning of the movie\, plus the girlfriend\, the nurse\, Eric and Mia (before she was resurrected). According to AITH though\, one of their reporters visited the set on the day they filmed David's death scene and just before the cabin catches on fire you see him get possessed. Not sure why they cut this out of the theatrical release as it would have explained the 5 souls thing much better.

April 10, 2013
By: Dominique
can we all just agree that we hate david\, and love eric
April 10, 2013
David- Chainsaw scene
By: Jon09
what happend to the chainsaw scene with David?? like in the Trailer it shows David Cutting someone up with the chainsaw? i dont know why this scene wasnt in the movie?? plz answer me? thnkz
April 11, 2013
So if the demon did not arise how do you explain it raining blood?
April 11, 2013
Demon rose
By: FamilyGuy
It rained blood and when the demon touched Mia it burned her as if it were scolding hot\, coming straight from hell. The prophecy only ask for five souls\, deaths\, not necessarily five turned people. It rained blood the second the fifth person died. 1. Beginning girl 2. Nurse 3. Brother's Girl Friend 4. Male Teacher Friend 5. Brother
April 11, 2013
Important question
By: Juanjo
I definetely saw a different movie. If I'm not wrong I read in this review that the demon that attacks Mia at the end of the story is the girl (first victim) that appears at the beginning\, in the prologue? Is it so? Because I truly believed that the demon that possesses Mia in the woods is Mia herself\, but in a demonic appearance. Did anybody else think the same as me?
April 13, 2013
Demon DID rise
By: montecristo
Sorry\, but your argument is wrong. The demon DID rise. Blood rained\, and as if that didn't tip you off right in that moment you are given a cut scene of the Book of the Dead's illustration of the demon rising\, just in case you were not paying attention to the explanation before. Another possibility concerning the 5 souls is that \"taking 5 souls\" doesn't merely mean possessing the individual\, but taking their lives in an incident that involves a confrontation with the deadites. I say that it would involve a confrontation with a deadite because David died by his own hand. If that is the case\, then yes\, there were 5 casualties\, and hence 5 souls taken\, although Mia's was released.
April 15, 2013
All good arguements
By: Don Sumner
It appears the debate is not over regarding Mia, the demon appearing/not appearing, and 5 souls. The truth is I kind of forgot about the raining of blood when I wrote this up. That possibly throws a wrench in the works. Now I have to go see it again.
April 15, 2013
By: Comfy
The math is suspect finding the 5 souls\, but one thing that might be of importance\, is that when the invincible nerd is reading the book about the prophecy\, he refers to the demon\, but says the sky will rain blood and *the abomination* will rise. That might be an important distinction\, that yes somehow the 5 souls were claimed\, but the demon and abomination are seperate. The drawings in the book of the demon and the rising abomination are certainly different looking.
April 16, 2013
Did u stick around after credits.
By: CapnKirk
I'm torn. The final two things of the movie of the movie in the credits could mean a couple of things. Things being..... A. The professor's tape recording from the original evil dead. B. A dark silhouetted Ash appearing and saying the ever so awesome one liner. Options.... 1. All this happens AFTER Evil Dead 2. The family had bought the property after ash opened the wormhole. The Necronomican is still there. A copy of ash's car\, chainsaw\, shotgun are all still there. I know this might seem to be a stretch\, but we're talking about wormhole time travel. Who knows?!? 2. These events of this movie are a preceding the events of ash's Evil Dead. The property owners have a junked vehicle that also happens to be the same as ash. Mia seemed to always have sit there when they had visited before. They were lil kids at there last visit so they did not know of the hidden basement door. Mia\, soul survivor\, sold the property thinking everything burned. The Necronomican does not burn!!! The professor rents the place and so does Ash. We have Evil Dead 2. So we hear the recording and see Ash. I know kinda weak. 3. This movie is part of a cyclical parallel universe for Ash. Incorporating scenario #1 & #2. Somehow bringing Ash and his party back into the fold. I know these are kinda weak\, but give a Deaddite fan a break. 4. The recording and Ash at the credits give this Evil Dead its glaring tongue in cheek. Is it an Evil Dead movie without it? Does not take away from the direction of this portrayal because it's at the end of the credits. Truly could be scenario #4\, but just wanna stir some Ash and Deaddite speculation. :-) Who wants some? Huh! Huh! YOU!!!
April 16, 2013
Why Do People Make Excuses for Bad Movies!!??
By: Try Logic
This is absurd! I understand people wanting a movie to succeed\, but making up subjective\, speculative excuses for a movie does not justify how bad it is. It. Was. A. Bad. Movie! It wasn't even horror. It was \"gorror.\" It demonstrated all the modern cliches that are designed to bring in a buck for the least amount of intellectual effort. Every miserable cliche and stereotype that could possibly be puked out by Hollywood is present\, and it's laughable. The only difference between this movie and Scary Movie V\, is that this movie is funny while Scary Movie V is flipping frightening (if for nothing else\, than because someone actually gave it the \"go ahead\"). Evil Dead simply missed dozens of opportunities to make itself a worthy movie. The characters were poor excuses for ANYTHING\, the premise was flimsy and bland\, any and all elements of primal fear (which is what Horror should be about) were completely absent\, and what was supposed to be frightening was predictable and tired. \"Oh\, but it had lots of blood!\" So what! So does the killing floor of a slaughterhouse\, but that doesn't mean it's good or frightening. What this movie gave us is a fake blood-filled 90 minute long Tool video complete with a cast of pretty kids with such a superficial identity that I could not associate with them\, and was glad when they got slaughtered. STOP justifying the crap Hollywood feeds us by making excuses for it. \"Oh\, what I think happened is-\" NOTHING! Nothing happened. Unless the movie explains it\, it didn't happen. It's called suspension of disbelief\, and it's what good screenwriters are supposed to be doing. It's their freaking job! And\, what's more\, is that it can be done with just a few lines of well placed dialogue. Example: Outlander - Why did the alien look completely human? Because 2 seconds of a screen readout at the beginning said\, \"Earth: Abandoned Seed Colony.\" And BOOM! Problem fixed with minimal effort and expenditure. If you have to make excuses for plotholes\, then you're a sheep who is dooming us all to mediocre-at-best standards in movies\, music\, TV\, and video games. Demand more for your money! You deserve it! You (presumably) work for it! Raise the standards by voting with your wallet and say\, \"I'm not going to like this crap just because it's pretty/gory/full of bewbs and 'splosions\, and I won't placate it by claiming it was good\, and I won't pay to watch a sequel!\"
April 16, 2013
Raining Blood
By: P_Lo
Well the girl who arose from the ground must have been a demon because the book stated that once the 5 souls were taken\, the demon would rise and it would rain blood.
April 17, 2013
Mia was clinically \"dead:
By: David
the prophecy only called for 5 deaths\, all five of them died\, Mia was clinically \"dead\" that is how she got the demon off her soul\, but the catch was it counted towards the prophecy\, plus if you want to count the girl from the beginning of the movie that is 6(which I don't)
April 19, 2013
1. girl from the beginning 2. girl from the beginning's mother 3. nurse 4. girlfriend (not total dismemberment) 5. brother (died from explosion\, not from burning) silly goose
April 20, 2013
Bzzzt. Thanks for playing.
By: deadite
Maybe before sitting down to write an article that purports to explain a movie\, you should make sure you understand it yourself. A trip to IMDB is all it takes to confirm that the girl girl from the prologue doesn't return for the finale. Mia faces off with \"Abomination Mia\". Also\, it's specifically mentioned that Mia and David's mother wasn't just sick\, she was crazy.
May 4, 2013
By: Callicia
I think we are all forgetting that the first girl took her mothers soul as well. So there goes one soul already\, then they burned her to save her soul\, so her soul doesnt count as lost\, which actually makes it inconsistant that the girl shows up to torment mia. And so we only needed 4 more souls\, so nurse\, girlfriend\, smart guy and david. 5 souls taken. Period. blood rain\, demon rise. Settled!
May 4, 2013
m night shyamalan has competition for worst lame last minute twists
By: dregj
its not a great twist its a little fuck you at the end for every one that watched this thing al the way through.after spending most of the film as an evil thing wounding and killing her friends were supposed to accept her as the hero 2 minutes before the end?? not a chance
May 6, 2013
May 15, 2013
By: Cthulhu80
I don't think the girl in the beginning can be counted as one of the 5 souls. When she died the cyce was broken\, and when Eric summoned the demon a new cycle began\, so the demon needed 5 new souls to complete the ritual. If the souls of previous people could be counted\, I supposed the Abomination would have been summoned a ong time ago; I mean...the book is Sumerian\, it is something like 5000 years old. In such a long lapse of time I suppose that at least 5 souls have been possessed.
June 7, 2013
There were 5 souls
By: Dennis Zeller
I think there were 5 souls being sacrified. Mia DIED thats the reason why the demon got out of her. David brought her back to life\, but she was dead for a few seconds. So her soul was sacrified. And it was never mentioned\, that the victims had to be possessed. David died and that everything that counts. He doesn't had to be possessed. That's my suggestions. How about that? PS: the role switch is great but I'd love that David had survived. :)
June 8, 2013
By: Ashley Robinson
Remember when\, in the beginning\, the first demon girl was wailing about wanting to go home and she wanted her mother\, then the father said she killed her mother? Yea\, first soul (+1). Now if they set her on fire/buried her alive to prevent the demon from getting the soul\, then neither Mia nor the first demon girl count. So now the demons got Hippie boy\, Nurse lady\, and Blondie (+3). (=4)
July 4, 2013
The dog's soul counted
By: DevilBob
If it didn't, why even include the dog and it's subsequent dispatch via Mia with a hammer at all? I think the point was to give the audience the sense that David did what he did believing he could save them all and prevent the rise of the abomination. As far as I can recall, David never mentioned the dog's death to his friends as he likely believed it was inconsequential, which in turn, makes US believe it was also inconsequential....until the moment David sacrifices himself and the abomination STILL rises. This gives the audience a WTF moment where they are like, wait...and they start doing "soul math" until they realize the dog died too!
July 6, 2013
There were 5
By: Huey
Opening scene the girl burning had killed her mom that's 2 plus nurse, gf, and eric, that's 5. Demon will probably be in the sequel.
July 10, 2013
By: Crazysquare
Guys\, (Sorry for my english first )..........1 nurse\, 2 girlfriend\, 3 Eric\, 4 MIA ( she dead )\, 5 brother....thats it !!!!!!!! Mia is Alive again\, the deamon rise\, rain blood etc... the deamon has allready got mia´s soul because the brother \"give her peace\" burried alive\, thats dont kill the deamon and dont´t rest any soul in the equation... just give Mia live again.... if Mia´s explication dont convence yourselves\, think.!!... \"\"Mia was allready dead when she got the OD\"\"... its like new life-new soul.. in other case\, Mia have no soul to take in the first place ... nobody pay attention???...!............... and the dog!!!... the dog dont count\, people!!... because at the call the deamon\, him just need posses one person and kill 4 ants and the movie is ended!!!......... the begining girl dont count too.... why?.... in the begining she is the only poses and the weird gang stop her and the deamon whit fire... the girl is only an deamon appearance\, like the deamon at the end\, he rise with the same appearance
July 11, 2013
Some explanation for you all...
By: David Bankson
I just want to throw a few things out there to consider. First\, the nods to the original Evil Dead were CONSTANT\, so much so for this long time fan of the series that it blows my mind when people say it was too much like the original or not enough like it. They have said this was both a reboot (aka\, reimagining/total rewrite of plot points)\, as well as a loose continuation of the series. Obviously this wasn't technically following Evil Dead 2 just because the car in the back is the one like Ash's...that car was sucked into the vortex\, remember? I am pretty sure\, though\, that Mia having died from an OD in the past is a huge part of what happened with the Demon Mia at the beginning. The Demon\, called Soul Taker but clearly said \"Shaitan\" in the book\, is what needs the souls to free the Abomination of Mia's soul. The original filming shows that Mia's soul was used\, a deleted post-credit scene shows she is still under the influence of the evil even after defeating it as her eyes change colors after being rescued. Also\, if you read the original script\, David's soul was used. There was supposed a scene shot inside the burning house showing the 3 demons within standing there in the flames as Eric-Demon tells him \"HE just needs YOUR soul now.\" His eyes then turn color and an evil grin grows on his face as the house explodes. Also in the original script\, the entire house then SINKS INTO THE GROUND COMPLETELY\, and a GIANT abomination arises\, and it looks like a mixture of the 4 that died. The whole reason Mia stupidly goes into the foxhole in the final version is that she was originally hiding from the enormous abomination. So the answer from the original script is this: Olivia\, Eric\, and Natalie's souls are possessed\, then David's is possessed as the house explodes\, and Mia's was possessed from the beginning. Nothing ever says she gets her soul back from being brought to life again once the Soul Taker has it\, that is their assumption in the story (like Eric said\, the book is even contradictory in what happens\, it's not a science book!).
July 11, 2013
The nurse girl
By: Nunya Beeswax
The nurse girl is an adult and has a name\, just like Eric and Mia's and \"Eric's girlfriend\". I can tell you are unaware rather than intentionally disparaging\, so here's a heads up. There is no reason for your distancing language and you are talented enough that it's annoying and jarring in the midst of an otherwise good review. So please don't just assume I'm one of those uptight girls who like to take offense. Take a look at your use of pronouns and be a bit more respectful\, please\, thank you. I'm sure the actor girls and the actor boys will be pleased at your future efforts.
July 13, 2013
My take on the abomination puzzle
By: Odie
The whole idea of the \"abomination\" (or more specifically \"Abomination Mia\") is the first time in history a new kind of demon is spawned - one made from the soul of a person who has been brought back from the dead\, and \"split off\" into its own independent thing ..... like the way viral Agent Smith is created via Neo. That is why it is an abomination. It is a mutation of the demon possession cycle. Think of it this way ... throughout history\, the book has enabled demonic possession\, but once a set of prophesized events take place (the ones specified in the book)\, an abomination will come. Just my 2 cents
July 16, 2013
The Uncut NC-17 Version
By: SothDoom
This movie was cut because it was originally rated NC-17 and contractually it needed to be R\, so there is a bunch of stuff not in it.
July 19, 2013
what about this
With the beginning girl being burnt and her soul was said to be saved and Mia being buried alive also saving her neither of their souls counted. If you think about it 4 of the characters were confirmed dead. David\,Eric\, nurse \,and gf so their souls were taken for sure because they died but I bet none of you have thought that the 5th soul belonged to the beginning girls mother. Oooohhhh ya so if her soul counted then it explains everything.
July 22, 2013
you might want to edit something.
By: Luna
In your review you state that the regurgitated worm-like thing went inside Mia before she took the car and drove off. It was\, in fact\, after she had stolen the car had the demonic being went in her. When she crashed\, she came out and fell into thorn bushes which had restrained her. She didn't come back. It was after some time when David found her\, took her back\, and Olivia removed her thorns.
July 23, 2013
Something I don't understand.
By: Mandrew
Hey guys\, love the movie\, love the page\, but there's just something not adding up. I don't wanna be that analytical asshole guy everybody wants to throw stuff at\, but I just have a question. The mutilation brought about while each character is possessed remains until their death. Why is Mia able to split her tongue wide open\, (and not just a little\, alllll the way down.) yet somehow it is intact by the end of the movie during her acts of heroism. Not to mention her burns from the scalding hot water that made her skin all nice and bubbly miraculously disappear. Just curious\, like I said\, it by no means made me dislike the film\, I'm not that obsessive and I still think it's awesome.
July 23, 2013
5 souls
By: Ricky Bobby
There were 5 souls the girls mother in the start of the movie that's 1 number 2 Mia number 3 nurse number 4 girlfriend 5 the hippie school teacher and if u recall the hippie school teacher said when he was a demon he is coming then the brother shot the gas can and blew the cabin up
July 24, 2013
the cycle ends
By: nicole
Everyone keeps counting the girl from the beginnings mother as one of the souls but once the girl from the beginning is burned her soul is at peace so now there would need to be 5 souls all over again correct? Well Olivia\, Natalie\, and Eric die which makes 3 souls ans than David burries mia alive which saves her soul...thus starting the new cycle all over again! So when David goes back into the house why on earth is Eric a deadite?!?! The book would have had to be read again to start all over again right? So thus making the blood rain and abomination mia all come for absolutely no reason. Am I the only one that caught that?
July 28, 2013
July 28, 2013
Nay Nay, Yelling boy "Martin"
By: The Horror Czar
I just watched this again twice in a row to help further clarify what's up here...

The girl in the beginning, nor her mother, counted toward this... What we saw in the beginning was the last time the demon tried to get the necessary 5. What we are dealing with in Evil Dead is complete, unto itself.

Here's a new theory:
Mia was the first soul, followed by the nurse, then the girlfriend with the electric knife, then the guy friend with the blond hair (clearly I'm not good with names...)

You will notice that the blood rain did not begin until the brother burned himself in the house. Interesting, because he WOULD have been the fifth, and the capture of his soul prompted the blood rain. But...

Mia's soul had been reclaimed, and no longer counted. What we got was a "false start" with the blood rain... the criteria were "kind of" satisfied, but not fully. I kind of liken it to premature ejaculation.

So, there was the girl. The girl demon that showed up and fought Mia was the same girl that lured Mia into the woods, and facilitated her possession in the vagina. I theorize that she was sent to finish the job with Mia, so that the demon could have his 5 souls and return.

Yeah, just a theory, but that's the one that I've decided makes the most sense to me.

July 28, 2013
5 souls
By: Jenn
Ok - my take on it was the nurse\, the girlfriend\, the guy with glasses make 3 souls - Mia was the 4th soul because you hear her heart stop when she is buried in the ground - and as soon as David dies in the fire/explosion - it starts to rain blood so he was #5.
July 28, 2013
5 souls
By: Jenn
#1 Nurse chick\, #2 Girlfriend\, #3 Glasses guy\, #4 Mia when she was buried underground and her heart stopped and #5 was David cuz as soon as the house explodes and he dies it starts raining blood. Not hard to figure it out!!!!
July 30, 2013
The abomination
By: Trevor
The girl at the end was the abomination the book mention. The prophecy was for the demon to take five souls which it did. Do not count the girl in the beginning because the demoned died and I'm pretty sure it resets because that demon took her moms soul. There were a total of five characters and each died but Mia was brought back to life. The five deaths were not the only thing required for the abomination though. Being raped by the vine and pouring water on your face is what Mia did for the prophecy\, the nurse cut off her face like the book showed\, and the girlfriend did something as well (not quite sure since the book never confirmed it) probably her cutting off her arm. Blood began to rain and the abomination rised. So in my theory the beginning scene was unneeded but was a great add on in my opinion.
August 2, 2013
The five souls that were taken
By: Jacky
The moms soul was the first. The second was grandpa the dog. The third was the nurse. The fourth was the girlfriend and the fifth was the blond guy that had the glasses. So that's five total guys.
August 3, 2013
By: Maccon
I heard a rumor that this evil dead isn't a remake but a sequel to army of darkness just in a parallel universe. That there will be a sequel to this one than an other army of darkness 2. Not sure if that is true but it would be abit interesting to see.
August 6, 2013
By: Jeb
Decent movie but ending confused me. Read everyone's comments didn't clarify anything. All I know is when it starts raining blood that's suppose to mean that the 5 souls had been collected. If that's the case then \"big bad demon\" at the end is pathetic. I would expect something a little more fierce. If that's not right then the rain came prematurely. Either way the ending pretty much sucked and just didn't make sense. Decent movie but way too confusing. Will not watch anymore of this series...if there is one.
August 7, 2013
5 Souls
By: Ben
Guys\, the book said the demon must feast on 5 souls for the abomination to rise. It did just that\, it fed off of 5 souls. Beginning girl\, nurse\, girlfrield\, Eric\, and Mia. Mia counted because the demon DID feed on her soul\, just not to the point of death like the others. The dog didn't count\, that's ridiculous. And if David counted\, they at least would have hinted at it\, shown his eyes demon-fied or something\, but they didn't. That was the abonination at the end\, because the book's picture showed it raining blood when the ABONMINATION rose..which means it fed on 5 souls....and that was the abomination....not just some demon girl..
August 8, 2013
As per the entire Evil Dead
By: incog
This has more to do with the picture prophecies in the book. When the incantation was made the evil was back. I don't think it was coincidence that Mia collapsed and began vomiting when the last word of the incantation were spoken. The evil put Mia in the situation of her eventually being violated and fully possessed just as the prophecy has shown. The next was the nurse being possessed and cutting her face just as the book has shown. The teacher guy did more interpreting that Mia needed to die to end this (remember this book can possess what it wants.. Incidental contact left something dormant within him). David says its time to end this meaning use of technicality to try to end it all and keep Mia alive. When she comes back normal its no shock\, Ash was also possessed but his was broken by daylight. What we really saw was the abomination rising but in a weakened state. Enough of the prophecies were complete that set this in action. It mirrored Mia just like Ash was with evil Ash. Remember this book is alive and for the most part took advantage to put all the characters in the situations they were in to fulfill the prophecies as best as possible. The evil dead as a whole\, continuity in the comics and video games.So as you see not all the souls were taken.. With the house ablaze the evil lost both the teachers and Davids body. The last line of defense was to go ahead and bring out this abomination to kill Mia and take the remainder of her soul to become complete.
August 8, 2013
As per the entirety of the evil dead
By: incog
This has more to do with the picture prophecies in the book. When the incantation was made the evil was back. I don't think it was coincidence that Mia collapsed and began vomiting when the last word of the incantation were spoken. The evil put Mia in the situation of her eventually being violated and fully possessed just as the prophecy has shown. The next was the nurse being possessed and cutting her face just as the book has shown. The teacher guy did more interpreting that Mia needed to die to end this (remember this book can possess what it wants.. Incidental contact left something dormant within him). David says its time to end this meaning use of technicality to try to end it all and keep Mia alive. When she comes back normal its no shock\, Ash was also possessed but his was broken by daylight. What we really saw was the abomination rising but in a weakened state. Enough of the prophecies were complete that set this in action. It mirrored Mia just like Ash was with evil Ash. Remember this book is alive and for the most part took advantage to put all the characters in the situations they were in to fulfill the prophecies as best as possible. The evil dead as a whole\, continuity in the comics and video games.So as you see not all the souls were taken.. With the house ablaze the evil lost both the teachers and Davids body. The last line of defense was to go ahead and bring out this abomination to kill Mia and take the remainder of her soul to become complete.
August 8, 2013
By: incog
Forgive me for the double posts and rambling but this theory was as close to the Evil dead franchise as possible.
September 17, 2013
All the Answers
By: Sam
The reason why Mia didn't have any wounds from her being possessed is because the demon that was possessing her left her body and moved to Eric's. (who was revived after 'dying') And with the demon went the split tongue and cuts.

I also have a question, was the 'person' at the end a demon with its own body (because of the taking of the 5 souls) or was it abomination mia without it's own soul. I'm still confused on how the demon was able to get its own figure even though it (Technically) didn't retrieve five souls. It took 4, Olivia, Natalie, David, and Eric. Not Mia's, mia lived until the end?
September 29, 2013
It was a metaphor
By: Jessica
Alright. So after watching Evil Dead, here's my theory of the ending.

At first I was confused because the demon ended up rising. But then I read a review where someone said the demon was the same one that Mia saw in the woods. And then it occurred to me that the demon that possessed Mia, and the demon she killed in the end, looked just like possessed Mia. And the entire time Mia was battling a drug addiction. I'm thinking that the demon girl and the battle between Mia and the demon girl in the end was a metaphor for Mia's battle against addiction and her having to overcome it.
November 17, 2013
How did Eric get possessed?
By: Toby
How did Eric get possessed? He was never bitten or anything. I really don't get it. Otherwise, the movie is not too bad...
March 11, 2014
evil dead
By: any
Omg when the guy with the glassed smashes her head with a basion
June 30, 2014
By: anon
I don't think the abomination should have risen at all. The book stated three ways to cleanse and purification by fire was one of them. David setting fire to the house should have cleansed if not all the others but at least himself or to prevent himself from ever being afflicted.
July 28, 2013
By: Justin
I saw the redband trailer and was hooked. I rarely go out to the theatre, and this was another example why. I SO wanted to like this movie! I thought it was going to be awesome. I was let down. I didn't care about anyone. There was nowhere near as much gore as the first one. There was no sense of fun (which seemed intentional). I really wanted to like it, but simply couldn't find anything to like.

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