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Glen Mazzara Promises Big Things for Season 3 Finale of 'The Walking Dead'

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Glen Mazzara Promises Big Things for Season 3 Finale of 'The Walking Dead'

March 2, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

Glen Mazzara The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Showrunner Glen Mazzara recently spoke with Scenestr, who hit the departing TWD figure with a few solid questions. Surprisingly, Mazzara - whose tenure as showrunner comes to a close as season three wraps - let a number of intriguing details leak.

In case you missed it, getting anyone attached to this monumental series to spill even a few beans is practically impossible. AMC, Robery Kirkman and the rest of the cast remain mum when it comes to the deets, so getting a little insight from Mazzara is noteworthy news.

When asked about the death of surging star character Axel (played by Lew Temple), Mazzara dished heavy stating, “To be very honest, I didn’t want to kill off any of the major characters. We obviously didn’t want to kill Rick. Carol was on the chopping block, but I didn’t want to kill Carol because we have a story coming up with her. We looked at the possibility of killing Beth. I don’t think that actor knows that. You know, I love Emily Kinney. But I felt that would have had too big an impact on the group. It would have just devastated poor Herschel. It would have taken him down a path I didn’t want for the rest of the season. And we were already dealing with Maggie’s feelings about her sexual assault by The Governor so we didn’t want to complicate that with mourning for her sister. We talked about killing Carl in that episode! We really did… unfortunately, you know, by the process of elimination, we got to Axel. Now I like Lew Temple’s performance of Axel very, very much, and we were just starting to find that character and develop him in a way that we loved. And we probably could have had more stories with him. But The Governor was the main character in that piece. We needed to make sure he was not ineffectual. Because otherwise he’s not a bad guy that could possibly take out our guys. So that was really important.”

But Glenn didn’t pull the plug there, in fact, he pointed at some big things for the third season finale, “Listen… the season finale will be a bombshell, as you say. We wouldn’t be “The Walking Dead” if we didn’t push the storytelling every week. So those folks have their work cut out for them, you know? Hopefully the ratings will hold for this season and at the end of my run they’ll be in a position to have a successful Season 4. We’ll see what happens."

It’s not exactly mind boggling to know some explosive business looms for Rick Grimes and his remaining buddies, but for Mazzara to work through a who’s-who of potential victims in the manner that he did is pretty compelling. It almost makes you wonder, is the “new guy” always doomed, simply because he (or she) hasn’t been afforded the time to work their way into the hearts of fans?

That’s tough to say, but if I had to put money on any one specific thing awaiting home audiences, it’s the death of one of the show’s primary stars. As much as I hate to say, and as little as any of us want to see it happen, it’s about time somebody relevant gets the axe. Here’s hoping it’s not Daryl!  

Source: Scenestr


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