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Here's the Trailer for ‘House in the Alley’… in English!

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Here's the Trailer for ‘House in the Alley’… in English!

April 8, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

House in the Alley (2013) Poster

Le-Van Kiet’s new Vietnamese genre piece, House in the Alley has been stirring up chatter for some time, and while we’ve been treated to the international trailer in the recent past, we’ve been waiting on an official English rendition to crawl toward the light for weeks. Apparently, we weren’t paying enough attention: An English language version of the trailer snuck into the interwebs a few weeks ago!

This little foreign shocker looks eerie, but the question must be asked: Does it look unique in any way? That’s a question only you can answer. I’ve seen just about every style of scare showcased in the near-two minute long trailer, but perhaps you haven’t.

House in the Alley

Give it a look below, and stay tuned. We aim to keep a closer eye on this production, and when an official US release date surfaces, we’ll be the first to inform you!

Thanh Van Ngo (The Rebel) and Son Bao Tran front the flick. Kiet also writes in addition to direting.

Synopsis: “A young married couple has just suffered through a terrible tragedy. Thanh and Thao are a successful couple living in Saigon who were about to begin a new happy chapter in their lives, starting with their first-born child. However, that dream ended abruptly when Thao had complications throughout her pregnancy period, ending in the worst scenario: a miscarriage.

Life would never be the same for this young couple. Ever since the tragic day, Thanh sees a drastic change in Thao’s emotions and immediately becomes concerned. It seems that moving on will be harder than they had anticipated; even continuing with their everyday tasks seems challenging.

House in the Alley

As the young couple makes every effort to move on, they are suddenly met with unusual and uninvited encounters; loud footsteps are heard, scratches on walls and vandalized furniture are seen, even children whispering and brief shadows are seen. These paranormal activities get worse when Thao mistakenly believes that they are caused by their unborn son haunting them, and she gravitates toward the evil forces. Thanh is forced to choose between his wife and the forces he has trouble believing in and is not sure even exist.

Thao becomes almost unrecognizable as the paranormal takes over her body. Thanh sees his wife’s sanity worsen every moment and is tormented by thoughts of losing her. It’s a race against time to save his wife, and Thanh must try to piece together all the mysterious information and revelations he finds about the House, a secret he will realize many wanted to forget.”




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April 10, 2013
house in the alley]
By: meen hyun
ii hate this trailer
September 12, 2013
House In The Alley
By: Jenny
I saw this horror film called "House in the Alley" at a film fest and it was very creepy. It is coming out Oct 25th in theaters. Check it out at

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