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Huge Spoilers: Made to Suffer The Walking Dead Episode 8

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Huge Spoilers: Made to Suffer The Walking Dead Episode 8

November 29, 2012
By Mike Blakely - Staff Writer

Daryl sitting outside  in The Walking Dead 'Made to Suffer


Fair Warning HUGE Spoilers for Made to Suffer Below!

The spoilers for the mid season finale for The Walking Dead 'Made to Suffer' come from a reliable source that has been dead on with all the information we have received so far.  Remember last week’s seventh episode of The Walking Dead, “When the Dead Come Knocking” aligned a crucial showdown between Rick Grimes and the dreaded Governor. Glenn and Maggie were taken hostage and tortured until Maggie eventually caved, disclosing their camp’s whereabouts.  In my opinion season 3 of The Walking Dead has been great with lots of action and a faster paced story line compared to season 2.  After reading the full spoiler below some of the events are not very surprising, but from the looks of things the mid season finale will leave us hanging by our seats.

You can check out the first footage of Chad Coleman as Tyreese below.

Lots of screaming in the woods. Tyrese and friends fight through walkers in the forest. One of their group is bitten. They stumble across the prison and debate whether to leave their injured comrade behind. Tyrese decides that they will bring her with them for now, and they climb over a broken-down section of the fence.

Andrea and The Governor share some more sweet-talk. Gov pays a visit to Penny and sings her a lullaby. He gets angry with her when she won't make eye contact and sends her back into her closet without dinner.

Glenn rips the bones out of the walker he fought off last episode and hands one to Maggie. Makeshift weaponry. Meanwhile, Rick's rescue party surveys the Woodbury wall and opts to sneak in around the side.

Merle and The Governor plot the decimation of the prison faction and plan to let walkers reclaim the place to cover their tracks. Merle is concerned about Daryl and The Gov agrees to make a play for Daryl to be their inside man. Glenn and Maggie are to be disposed of tonight.

Rick's group searches the room where Michone was originally questioned. A Woodbury citizen catches them but is soon neutralized non-lethally.

Comic relief moment as Axle hits on Beth, then hits on Carol when he discovers that she's not a lesbian.

Maggie and Glenn fight off Merle and his lackey. Maggie stabs the lackey in the neck with the zombie bone. Reinforcements arrive and get the better of Maggie and Glenn, who are led off with bags over their heads. The gunfire from the brief scuffle attracts Rick and crew, who ambush the execution squad with flash and smoke grenades and grab their friends. Commotion is spreading through town at this point and The Governor is alerted. Michone sneaks off amid the chaos, heads straight for the The Governor's apartment, and awaits his return with sword drawn.

Andrea refuses to be marginalized as the gunfight spills into the streets, and she fires at "the terrorists". Smoke grenades block her vision and she only gets a glimpse of Oscar, in prison uniform. Daryl lays cover fire as the others escape. A random Woodbury citizen shoots and kills Oscar (to make room for Tyrese). Rick hallucinates that the killer is Shane and guns him down. Maggie puts another round in Oscar to prevent him from reanimating, and the group escapes without Daryl and Michone.

Meanwhile, Carl is running things at the prison. Beth, Herschel and Carl hear screams coming from somewhere in the prison, and Carl goes alone to investigate. This leads him into an unsecured part of the prison where Tyrese and friends are not doing too well. Carl leads them back to safety.

Michone hears Penny thumping around and discovers The Governor's secret room. The Governor comes home and begs Michone not to hurt Penny, but Michone shows no mercy and stabs Penny through the head. A brutal fight ensues. The fish tanks wind up crashing down on the floor. Gov tries to pin Michone's arm down in front of one of the newly liberated zombie heads, chomping away. Michone reaches for her sword but it's just out of grasp, so she opts for a shard of glass instead, and stabs The Governor right in the eye. She's about to finish the job when Andrea arrives with gun drawn. The two circle each other and Andrea lets Michone walk away while she tends to Gov and surveys the room.

It had been reported earlier that Andrea would be stabbing the Governor in the eye.  I'm not sure if this part of the spoiler is incorrect of if Andrea could get the same eye later in the season.  We will have to wait and see…but it looks like the Governor is losing an eye one way or another.

The injured member of Tyrese's group is revealed to be Donna. She doesn't make it. Carl maneuvers out of the room and locks up Tyrese's group for the safety of his own. No mingling for now.

Michone reunites with Rick. Rick isn't happy about her disappearance, but they will continue working together.

The Governor makes his mid-season finale speech at the Woodbury zombie arena. He names Merle a traitor and has his men drag Daryl out into the circle, captured and bound. The town chants for the brothers to be put to death.



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December 2, 2012
By: Maxie
December 2, 2012
By: KimM
I thought I wanted a showdown between Merle and Daryl, but I'd rather they work together and both get out of Wood bury, then Daryl and Rick can deal with Merle back at the prison for what he did to Glenn n Maggie.
December 3, 2012
By: Merle
If im Right Daryl makes it out. thank's too merle because as a big brother he save's him. there both not even suppose to be in the show.
September 22, 2013
why do you hav hgdh hdhdhdhhdjbe to do this to oCSOJVBKjvh djfjdjhdk djeus fhuei sksdie eisdjx fheusjd uhfk skeu dhs seufhuh
December 4, 2012
Pay Attention
By: Sarah
Watch the preview for what's to come in the second half of the season. Daryl's there and looking just fine. There is no way that AMC would be stupid enough to axe Norman Reedus. He has no doubt brought a lot of viewers to the program.

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