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'Lord of Darkness' has Hungry Cannibals

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'Lord of Darkness' has Hungry Cannibals

April 3, 2013
By John Strand - Contributor

Sawney (2013) Poster aka Lords of Darkness

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Directed by Ricky Wood

Written by Ricky Wood


David Hayman as Sawney Bean

William Houston as Charlie McGuire

Gavin Mitchell as Bill Munro

Sawney Bean led a clan of cannibals responsible for the deaths of over a thousand people in Scotland during the High Middle Ages… or so the legend goes.  Most historians believe he never existed – noting that the claimed kill numbers do not correspond with missing persons reports.  The June 25th Lionsgate DVD release is based on this macabre legend. A contemporary journalist becomes interested in the story surrounding the deaths centuries earlier.  He begins publishing articles critical of the family and the investigative authorities, but his interest becomes more than just a project when his girlfriend goes missing.  Clues lead him to Sawney’s whereabouts where he encounters what remains of the bloodthirsty family. 

Ricky Wood directs his second film five years after his debut drama, Forgotten Souls.  Although relatively inexperienced, he is backed by award-winning veteran David Hayman who plays the infamous Sawney Bean, along with William Houston – known for his supporting roles in the recent Sherlock Holmes movies.  Veteran TV actor Gavin Mitchell and newcomer Samuel Feeney are also along for the ride.

Bottom Line:  Originally entitled Sawney: Flesh of Man for its British debut, Lionsgate changed the title for the American release likely because many in the States are not familiar with the Sawney legend.  Reviews in Britain were mixed, but they agreed that the horror was well-executed.  We’re optimistic it will provide a good scare as well as a new and rather intriguing storyline. 



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September 20, 2013
I was more sickened then afraid by the movie

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