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The 10 Worst Horror Finales

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The 10 Worst Horror Finales

November 11, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

Halloween Resurrection

There’s nothing quite as disheartening as a botched finale. Viewing and thoroughly enjoying a quality genre piece, only to be utterly insulted by the big climax is akin to eating a nice meal at a nice restaurant, the glorious dessert on your mind all night, only to receive a burnt pastry as the final course. It sucks, and it – to an extent – spoils the whole damn experience, to be blunt. We’ve seen an awful lot of loathe worthy finales over the years, but these 10 flicks, well, they’re damn near guaranteed to royally piss you off as a result of the waning moments!

Paranormal Activity 4: Carbon copy of the finale featured in Paranormal Activity 3? Well, yeah... pretty much. This was a dreadful film that signaled the complete jumping of the shark for the Paranormal Activity franchise, and the weak, cop-out conclusion sure as hell didn’t do anything to help the film’s cause.

It Pennywise the Clown

It: How about we take a film that features a super creepy, killer clown, and wrap it all up with an embarrassing spider prop? That’s exactly what happened to the made-for-television adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved book, and to be honest, it was more than annoying to watch unfold, it was painful. Sometimes less is more.

Freddy vs. Jason: Freddy vs. Jason was a really, really fun feature. It’s enjoyable from the jump and given the crux of the picture, a feud between cinematic icons Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, it’s hard to avoid being sucked into the riotous romp. But the finale just doesn’t sit well with me. The war between these monstrosities could have been expanded on by a few minutes, and we could have seen a clear-cut conclusion to the war. In other words, one of these beasts could have actually been killed. We all know they spring back from the dead like it’s in style anyway. Why not declare a true victor?

Halloween: Resurrection: Does this need to be expanded on, really? The film is just stomach turning, completely abandoning everything fans have ever loved about the Halloween franchise. To throw in a climax that features, of all people, Busta Rhymes kicking Michael Myers’ ass is two steps beyond blasphemy. Someone should have been jailed for this abomination.

April Fool’s Day: There are quite a few genre followers who really got a kick out of April Fool’s Day’s final sequence. I wasn’t one of them. What’s more predictable than a film about April first that features a “surprise” twist in revealing that none of the victims were killed at all? Nothing. It’s quite literally one of the cheapest excuses for a wrap in genre history. Of course you want to give audiences a shocker fit for the holiday, but a little thought might actually help. 10 minutes into the film this notion hits you, no one is even going to die in this movie, that’s where the April Fool’s Prank comes into play, and you’re right. Real clever stuff there.

The Sick House: Few things will befuddle the mind like The Sick House. Not for a single moment does the picture make sense, and as the third act edges toward closure, you’re really hoping for a shocking revelation that magically clears everything up. You don’t get it. It’s more of the same disjointed rubbish featured in the first two acts. If you thought Roger Corman’s The Terror was the most confusing genre film ever made, watch The Sick House for a potential usurper.

The Devil Inside: This just might be the most despicable of features on this list. I can’t think of any conclusion that could be worse than no conclusion, which is what The Devil Inside brings to the table. Seriously, there is no end. It’s a good thing plenty of American’s have money to throw away, this flick could have incited a riot.


Creature: Okay, Creature rivals The Devil Inside for worst finale ever dishonors, admittedly. Like The Devil Inside, Creature pretty much skims right over the climactic closure. Instead we see some disconnected fight sequences, a little downtime; some swamp muck swallowing the film’s hero, and a sudden reemergence from said hero with a monster’s jaw in hand. Lame? Far worse.

Scream 4: The jig is up. Scream has been a gratifying franchise, but it’s run out of new territory to explore. And believe me, it’s trying really hard to unearth uncharted realms, they’re just not there for the discovery. Emma Roberts’ portrayal of Jill Roberts in Scream 4 is disappointing to say the very least. By the time act three is in motion we all know she’s the villain, and her rocky performance is totally and completely muted by the likes of Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, who are exponentially superior performers. Bad acting, even worse conclusion.

The Midnight Meat Train: I loved almost everything about this Clive Barker adaptation, except the finale. It’s as left-field as the first 80 minutes of the movie, but Bradley Cooper simply cannot pull off a murderous transition, especially not a murderous transition that unfolds in about five minutes time. It doesn’t work, at all. The idea behind the big reveal is strange enough, but Cooper just makes it near-intolerable, which is disappointing, because he’s solid as the protagonist.


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November 12, 2013
By: Stonovan
Stay was a great psychological thriller. But the ending was very disappointing. I wont give it away but in the end I still hadn't quiet known what was happening.
November 12, 2013
By: Stonovan
Stay was a great psychological thriller. But the ending was very disappointing. I wont give it away but in the end I still hadn't quiet known what was happening.
November 12, 2013
Stay with Ryan Gossling
By: Stonovan
Stay was a great psychological thriller. But the ending was very disappointing. I wont give it away but in the end I still hadn't quiet known what was happening.
November 12, 2013
spamming ...
By: jimmy
does not make you or your comment any more interesting just annoying fluff
November 14, 2013
Loved MIdnight Meat Train's ending
By: Mickey
Actually it did work, everything that seemed so bizarre throughout the film (like why is the police station so dark?) was explained by the ending. I don't see how Bradley's transition was lacking, seeing as he's (spoiler) mutilated then all we see is the final shot of his evil over the shoulder glance. I thought he did an excellent job, it was one of the few films I've seen him in that I felt like he wasn't relying on being cute to play a scene. This was an atmospheric, creepy film, not for everyone, especially someone wanting a typical serial killer movie.
November 15, 2013
Drag MeTo Hell
By: J
Drag Me To Hell was the worse for me. It had bad special effects and came out of nowhere. To me the movie, that received so much praise, was more of a comedy than anything else.
November 21, 2013
By: Adaluz
Arrastre al infierno (lo poco que vi ) esta muy bien hecha y actuada y mas cuando le dan permiso a la chica de ver un exorcismo, mis respetos para esa película
November 23, 2013
nightmare on elm st
By: ray tatge
innovatively scary movie, enjoyable, funny, but a confusing ending that didn't resolve anything
November 25, 2013
By: Kim
Drag Me To Hell was supposed to be a horror comedy, duh. It came from Raimi, the same man who brought you Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.
December 10, 2013
Freddy vs Jason
By: Phil
According to the director there actually was a victor in the script but he decided against it since he didn't wanna cheat the audience so he left it open for fans to decide. He never revealed who was the actual winner though.
April 11, 2014
The Ninth Gate
By: Thomas Cashman
This was another one of those that had absolutely no ending. I recall being in the theatre with my friend Brian, watching it. The movie was great... kept getting better, and just when it seemed about to peak, the credits were rolling. The movie just... stopped. I asked "What the hell? Did they run out of film?" My friend looked at me, and with a deadly serious tone, said. "There was a fire. That is why we didn't see the end of this amazing movie. There was a fire in the theatre, and we were forced to evacuate." Was a much needed laugh.

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