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The Walking Dead Going Black and White

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The Walking Dead Going Black and White

December 14, 2012
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

The Walking Dead Black and White

If you’re one of the many clamoring for more black and white from AMC’s The Walking Dead, this news should rile you up quite a bit. Beginning in February AMC will air season one and two of TWD in black and white. Thus far, we’ve seen a black and white convert of the show’s original pilot episode, and that aired to warm reception. Seeing an outright color free run of the first two seasons should prove quite rewarding for hardcore comic fans, as the aesthetic qualities will match those offered by the Image Comics title.

The included image, a shot of a news-clipping from (what we assume is) The Walking Dead Magazine, hit Twitter hours ago and was quickly retweetwed by TWD showrunner, Glen Mazzara. So, take that for what it is: a measure of verification.

Look for The Walking Dead to go back to black, and white in February, likely in appropriate time to usher in the resumption of season three. Speaking of the continuation of one of television’s most thrilling genre series’, episode nine, The Suicide King will air on February 10th, 2013, so mark your calendars and be sure to have the DVR ready if need be!


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