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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Predictions

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Predictions

April 18, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

Rick Grimes Artwork

Note: This article contains mild spoilers.  Rick Grimes image courtesy of Ashlee Victoria you can purchase her artwork here

At this point fans have come to realize the only thing we can expect from AMC’s The Walking Dead is the unexpected. Those who have followed the comics religiously have learned that the storyline showcased in live action differs drastically from that which unfolds in the pages of Image Comics’ popular genre installment. Sure we’re meeting a lot of familiar faces, but their experiences on film are often heavily altered.

Did Lori die in the comic run? Absolutely, but it sure as hell didn’t unfold as it did onscreen. What was Andrea’s relationship with The Governor like in the books? Well, to say it wasn’t nearly as close as what we saw on AMC would be a severe understatement.  

AMC execs, and Robert Kirkman know how to keep this story alive and uninfected. It seems everyone involved understands that to attempt to rehash, or play fully faithful to the graphic novels simply will not work. Not only would the show’s mystery be entirely extinguished, the story arcs would drag awkwardly. I’m not saying the Image run is boring – in the slightest – I’m simply saying it isn’t assembled in a manner that would translate smoothly to screen were AMC to stick to the source like glue. The live action series has to follow its own course if it hopes to find continued success.

All signs indicate that those involved with the project keep that understanding close to their heart. And thus far it’s worked like a charm.

Millions of us sit at home on Sunday nights, popcorn in hand, beer on the end table, preparing for 60 minutes of physical and emotional turmoil. Preparing to be stunned, and driven to curiosity. We never know what we’re going to get, and that’s what makes The Walking Dead such an amazing piece of television. It’s also what makes predicting future events (and seasons especially) often near-impossible.

My track record fell apart last season. Let’s see if I can right the ship for season four.

The Next Arc

The Governor is temporarily out of the picture. The majority – if not all – of the Woodbury survivors have packed up and headed back to the prison with Rick. As it stands, all is about as right as possible given the situation. We know however that peace won’t be one of the thorns in the sides of these poor souls. Where there’s human’s there’s greed, and flesh. Where there’s flesh, there’s walkers.  

I don’t see a major villain eating up story time during season four. I do see The Governor returning (we’ll talk about that some more in a bit here), but I don’t see him presenting the same form of conflict. And I don’t see him sticking around the entire season.

Comic Book says that the battle between The Governor and Rick will be very different in season 4.  "The upcoming season will go back to the way it was at the beginning, with zombies being more of a central focus rather than just having them in the background."

We may meet some new villainous faces – other than a few that may have migrated from Woodbury – but I think the walkers return to potentially fatal prominence more than anything or anyone else during season four. In fact producer, Gale Anne Hurd has already hinted at more undead savagery from the upcoming season.

Hurd spoke with IGN, stating, “I don’t think that in a show that goes from season to season -- we are living in a zombie apocalypse, we’re living in an apocalypse where we know that unless someone has brain trauma, they’re going to come back. Regardless of how they die, they’re going to turn into a zombie. So I think it would be a good bet to say that the zombies become more threatening in seasons to come.”

Sounds to me like we’ll have our fair share of conflicts and showdowns (What’s The Walking Dead without a little drama?) during season four, but we’d better not forget the most primitive threat of all: those damn zombies. Flesh, it will be chewed upon next season, and the safety of the prison will see some cracks surface.

A move back to Woodbury doesn’t seem completely out of the question.

Changes for the Inner Circle

Daryl  Dixon The Walking Dead

There’s no denying that a handful of our most recognizable figures are experiencing some personality shifts and, if you will, forms of very disconcerting evolution. That’s to be expected when you’re trying to survive in a world where the dead walk and the living are every bit as sinister as the living. That’s a damn harsh reality, and it has taken serious toll on a few of the shows major faces.

Carl is in the middle of a mental descent at this point. He’s becoming colder by the day, and his future isn’t looking bright. While an edge in the post-apocalypse is required, complete loss of humanity isn’t going to lead to good things. I don’t foresee Carl meeting his demise in season four – his character is becoming far too interesting for that – however, I do see him continuing to travel a path well suited for a future villain. Don’t be surprised if Carl turns the gun unnecessarily on someone in the prison.

Rick looks to be back on track, you know – upstairs. He’s turned a corner and somehow found a way to deal with the passing of Lori and the world as it stands. His position as leader might now be stronger than ever before.

That leaves our other major figure who stands to undergo some personality shifts: Daryl. Having to put his own brother – turned walker – was no easy feat. While he’s been wrapped up in the grand showdown with The Governor he hasn’t had all too much time to dwell on things. But The Governor is for the moment gone, and I anticipate Daryl dealing with some serious inner demons.

He’s more the hero than the anti-hero, but he’s now gone through one more massive struggle in his life, and he’ll likely be a little bit shaky for some time. Actor Norman Reedus, who spoke with,  seems to share a similar train of thought, “I think having these people relying on [Daryl] is something he’s never had before and he has this new sense of self-worth that he never thought he could ever have. So through these people, that’s the glue that’s keeping him around. I think he’ll go hard again after [killing] Merle. I think Merle is going to shut him down for a minute.”

I wouldn’t worry too much about Daryl however. Ultimately, he’s far wiser than he looks. He’ll be on stable legs by the time season four reaches conclusion.

New Characters We’ll Meet

Abraham new character the Walking Dead

Just about every season of The Walking Dead brings a new face into the fold. Season two delivered us Hershel, Maggie and a quick, shrouded glimpse of Michonne, among others. Season three introduced the world to The Governor, and a whole lineup of supporting Woodbury characters. We also ran into comic favorite, Tyreese, thank heavens.

It’s safe to bet we’ll be introduced to a couple of new, featured characters. I’m anticipating some offbeat personalities to squeeze their way into the show this season, and of course, we’ll probably meet some new menace along the way.

We do have some early rumbling of a major arrival. Whether this rumor proves fact remains to be seen, but the finger are crossed. According to “AMC is casting a character named Roy Stark whom fans are connecting with Abraham Ford from the graphic novel. He is an army medic suffering from trauma caused before the zombie apocalypse and during it.”

If you’ve been following the comics, you know Abraham, err… Roy Stark, is a bad, bad dude. This guy all but tackles and slaughters lions with his bare hands, for kicks. Stick a high powered assault rifle in the same clutch and you’re talking serious carnage. Abraham however, is more than a simple brute. He’s a pretty complex character with a soft side buried deep down and a knack for surviving that which simply cannot be survived. We can only hope that Stark is indeed a representation of Abraham.

And, with that said, if Abraham is going to wander into this picture, I don’t figure he’ll do so alone. He may arrive with Eugene Porter, a man with some absolutely fascinating idiosyncrasies. This is a character (I initially thought Milton was a representation of Eugene, though I no longer believe that to be true) who could be used in a multitude of different ways. He’ll also make for fine walker fodder during one of the slower episodes.  

I doubt our marquee introductions end there, but the truth is, the only other major intros I see come from those who arrived from Woodbury. There’s sure to be a likable, or completely loathe worthy chap or two in that bunch.

Alonmg with new character introductions we know that three characters have been promoted to season 4 regulars   "Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Emily Kinney (Beth) will have a major presence when the zombie drama returns in October, with Melissa Ponzio (Karen) set as a recurring guest star." according to Hollywood Reproter.


Will The Governor Return

The Governor

Can we expect to see The Governor again in season four? You bet we can. In fact, this is an easy issue to address, as Robert Kirkman himself has already tackled the topic.

The mastermind spoke with recently and spilled a few details about everyone’s favorite villain. When asked if it was hasta la vista for Philip Blake, Kirkman responded, "That’s certainly not the last that we’ll see of him. When we see him again and where we see him again, that’s the big question. It’s not going to be like it was in Season 3; it’s not going to be Rick and the Governor on a collision course with a conflict between them. He’ll be used in very different ways next season."

Mystery solved… prediction banked? Wait, you need more proof?

How about a statement from producer Gale Anne Hurd, who all but supports Kirkman’s own admission. She told IGN, “I think that there’s more to be done with not only the character, but with the conflict that we get to see, the difference in leadership between the Governor and Rick.”  


Norman Reedus told The Wall Street Journal that the Governor has not peaked in evil and believes that the character will get even more vicious.

Not too mention The Hollywood Reporter recently announced David Morrissey will be returning as series regular in Season 4

Yeah, I’d say it seems safe to say we’ll be seeing ole One-Eye again in season four.

Death in the Family

Carl in The Walking Dead

Dale was eaten alive. Lori’s been disposed of. T-Dog met his end. Merle went out with a bang. The casualties of The Walking Dead never really end. Death may slow for extended stretches, but each season has produced some shocking death scenes, with pivotal characters meeting untimely demises. That’s just a part of this savage package. It’s also one of the main reasons so many love the show: No one is safe in this world, therefore the anxiety is always running at fever pitch.

The big question on everyone’s mind is: Will they kill Daryl? I don’t think so. Daryl Dixon is the show favorite by a country mile. His measure of celebrity stretches beyond the shows intended star hero, Rick Grimes, and eclipses the loveable Glenn as well. Hell, half the viewers that tune in may well tune in to see Daryl put his trusty crossbow to work. He’s not going anywhere.

But you can bet someone is going down next season.

My money still rides on Carol. I think she’s got a fantastic place in this story, and I feel as though Kirkman and company have gone to great lengths to make her a very likable character. However, at the end of the day, she isn’t a stellar sharp shooter, or a wizard physician. She doesn’t really call any shots, and her existence isn’t monumental to the group’s survival. In short, as awesome as we’ve come to realize she is, she’s expendable.

I’m also keeping a close eye on Maggie. She’s tough as nails, has gone through Hell and made it back, and we love her. What better way to put jaws on the floor than to see her meet a venomous demise?

Whether it be Carol or Maggie, or someone else entirely, heads are going to roll in season four. Kirkman already informed that, “we know exactly where we’re going. Who’s dying and when they’re dying is all worked out very early on as we’re plotting out the entire season.” To anticipate a major player being offed doesn’t feel ludicrous to me. It feels a little expected.

So, what are your predictions for the fourth season of The Walking Dead?


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April 18, 2013
Judith needs Carol
By: Leila
Great to read your predictions. I think Carol has an important role to play especially with Judith being around. After having lost Sophia the presence of Judith might be good reason for to continue existing in the series. I still can't believe that Lori is dead\, not having seen her pass away makes it harder to believe that she didn't somehow make it.
April 19, 2013
Killer Carl
By: Rick
i see Carlas the one who finally puts a bullet in the Governor. Seems he's getting cold bloded. Though in the end of this past season\, the kid hesitated to put the gun down\, so Carl put him down. Take no chances Carl. Future Villian or Future Leader?
April 20, 2013
daryl and carol
By: rita phillips
they have been slowly building a relationship with daryl and carol\,especially when daryl tried so hard to find sophia.i see the chemistry betwee them\,i really hope they get together.if carol dies they will lose the chance of a great story many fans want them together.(at least for a while)
April 20, 2013
kill off Carol\, after she hooks up with Darly
By: Margot Toth
we all love Carol\, and what a cute nickname Daryl n Carol :) i have noticed a lil spark between these two for a while. Maggie can help with the baby\, lol. Love the show! thx for the teasers!
April 20, 2013
Carol Vs. Herschel
By: Crittab
I see the prediction for killing off Carol\, but I actually think they'll kill Herschel and have her slide into the medic role. Essentially\, Herschel's job is over now that Rick's got his head on straight\, and let's face it\, the old guy with one leg is a liability. That he survived season 3 was a surprise in and of itself - I think he's done for. Carol\, on the other hand\, plays an important part in Daryl's story\, and if he's going to be steady again by the end of season 4\, I don't see them taking away his last vestige of hope. Judith could die. How's THAT for a shocking\, heartbreaking twist? If you want to see Carl really go over the edge\, kill his baby sister. I feel a little evil right now. Kill the old guy and the baby.
April 29, 2013
Maggie and Glenn
By: Mendy H.
With all the sex going on between Maggie and Glenn I think that there just might be a playmate for judith in the near future.I'm thinking if anyone goes next season it just might be hershel :(
April 29, 2013
Governor VS. Daryl
By: Charice Kemper
I think that Daryl is going to end up finding the Governor or possibly waiting for him to come back and then he is going to kill him but its not going to be a fast and painless death\, since the Governor killed Meryl Daryl is going to make sure that the Governor's death is unexpected\, slow\, and painful. but then again he might already be dead and come back as a walk and not a good one either. so many different way you can put that!
June 3, 2013
rick may die
I hate to say it but I think that rick will die because the way carl is getting and how they may focus on carl in the fourth season. even Though I hate the little rat i see rick dieing and carl taking over. cant wait for governor to die
July 8, 2013
the govenors death
By: deadkiller
i think daryl is going to kill the govenor after what happened to merle.i also think glenn will kill the govenor after he made maggie do what she did at woodbury.if not that i think rick should kill him because he's basicaly the leader of the group
July 11, 2013
Don't believe Lori is dead?
By: The Governor
Are you serious? Did you not watch the episode?? Rick gutted the zombie that ate her ass\, and got some of her gooey bits back out and they even buried her.....and carl even said he shot her before she turned\, he ended it....
October 23, 2013
By: Bojan
February 10, 2014
Dead Man
By: Michael
I think Carol will be coming back while they are all spread out. This may rekindle her back into the group or she may be in for just one episode and die saving one of the other members lives? That black dude where he had all of those booby traps I think is the place they may try and get to for their next spot?

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