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Top 6 Scenes From the Original 'Evil Dead'

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Top 6 Scenes From the Original 'Evil Dead'

March 27, 2013
By John Strand - Contributor

Evil Dead Hand

We at BHM are eagerly anticipating The Evil Dead (in theaters April 5, 2013) remake and keeping our fingers crossed that it will show some respect for the original and not attempt a cheap copy of a classic.  Since Sam Raimi had a hand in the writing it is possible our hopes will not be dashed.  Time will tell, but in the mean time we occupy our attention with our favorite moments from the original. Here’s the countdown:



Evil Dead Sheryl Struggling with Banches

In the first intense scene, meant as a blood-free preview of what’s to come, we see tree branches and twigs hold Cheryl hostage while they rip her clothes off and plunge a giant stake into her genitals.   Right away we know this will be a movie unlike any other – gothic, but intensely violent with very disturbing imagery made humorous due to the low budget execution and intentional blending of horror and comedy.  This scene, if only in retrospect, is foreboding at its finest.  We can look forward to breaking all the rules for what scares, amuses, shocks and horrifies.  It will be easily one of the most violent films to date, yet somehow almost lighthearted in its subtle jabs at intense emotions and calls of comedic attention to some of the most grisly and unthinkable acts.



Evil Dead Book Burning

Towards the conclusion (about an hour and 18 minutes in), Ash has figured out that as long as the cursed book is exists he will continue to suffer the presence of his own cursed friends.  The problem is that even though the book is near the fire and has even been singed a little – evil dead Scotty is now eating Ash’s leg (even after Ash crushed Scotty’s eyeballs with his thumbs).  Ash must reach the book, but he can’t free his leg, so he attempts to lasso it with the necklace he gave Linda (she doesn’t have use for it anymore, since she no longer has a neck).  He keeps trying to lasso the book again and again to ensure her (and the others’) demise in a perverse sense of relationship irony that’s guaranteed to have you suppressing snickers in the presence of your sweetie.



Evil Dead Ash Giving Scotty Water

Just before 58 minutes in we are treated to a classic Ash-comic-relief-scene that always makes me chuckle.  After doing battle with what used to be Linda, Ash joins Scotty by the sofa.  Scotty is covered in blood and passed out or already turned to evil dead (it’s a gray area at this point).  In an effort to nurse his friend to health, Ash pours some water into Scotty’s mouth, but Scotty can’t swallow it so the water just dribbles down his cheeks and neck.  Ash proceeds to reassure Scotty, “In about an hour the sun will be up.  Then you, me, Linda and Shelly… (presumably, the pause is Ash remembering that Shelly is now dismembered) … we can all go home together.”  Sometimes I don’t know whether to take this as a dig at those idiots in action movies that reassure others that everything will be okay, or pure comedic irony.  Either way, it’s always super funny to see.   



Linda Cackling in the Evil Dead

In the very next scene, a mad-cackling evil dead Linda surprises Ash with the same knife Scotty used to dig into Shelly’s hand. She thrusts it into Ash, before proceeding to sensually lick the blood off the knife – sexy tongue stroke after sexy tongue stroke… More brilliantly sick and twisted relationship humor from Sam Raimi.

Linda Licking the Knife

Yet Ash isn’t done and after a brief struggle, evil dead Linda plunges to the ground – coughing up massive amounts of blood. The blending of horror and comedy is seamless to the point where what’s scary and what’s funny are indistinguishable.

Linda Spewing Blood



Scotty Scratched Close Up

Evil dead Shelly digs her nails into Scotty’s face – carving trenches of blood moments before her face catches fire and both Sheryl and Shelly hysterically flail and scream.

Shelly's Face Burning Off

Evil dead Shelly grabs the sacred sword and lunges at Scotty.  While struggling with her, Scotty rips a knife into her hand.  But no problem for evil dead Shelly – she has no use for that arm anyway.  Why not chew it off?

Evil Dead Shelly Gnawing on own arm

She comes at him – unstoppable – ready to deliver the final blow.

Evil Dead Shelly Making Final Approach

But Scotty has the axe now and proceeds to chop her into piece after squirming piece.

Shelly in Pieces

Truly… an iconic scene.



An hour and six minutes in, after several attempts, Ash finally looks to do away with evil dead Linda for good.  She lunges at him and he takes her head off with a shovel.  The headless body lands on him – blood pumping out of the stump that used to be her neck – spilling all over Ash’s face.

Headless Linda Humping Ash's Face

At the same time the headless corpse continues its trademark amorous macabre and begins humping Ash, while he struggles to rip it off of him.  All the while, evil dead Linda’s head has landed right side up a few feet from the happy couple and keeps on cackling away.  All and all, a brilliant blend of romance, humor and grisly horror.

Evil Dead Head of Linda

Evil Dead Book Burning
Evil Dead Ash giving Scotty water
Evil Dead Linda cackling
Evil Dead Linda licking the knife
Evil Dead Scotty scratched close-up
Evil Dead Headless Linda humping Ash
Evil Dead head of Linda
Evil Dead Linda Spewing Blood
Evil Dead Shelly face burning off
Evil Dead Shelly gnawing off own arm
Evil Dead Shelly Pieces

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March 30, 2013
Forgot a Big One
By: Woodey
How can you omit the pencil in the ankle? That is the scene that makes everyone cringe\, the scene that really stood out that people talked about.
May 30, 2013
Best Movie Ever
By: Christie
Oh my god I am absolutely in love with this movie !!!!! Best original horror movie ever !!!
June 15, 2013
I agree with the pencil
By: Don
The pencil scene is the one that was called out to me as one to look for when the film was first introduced to me decades ago. This scene remains the one and only that can still make my face contort with anguish and inspire a yell out loud. Good article, but leaving out the pencil scene is a negative hit.
June 15, 2013
Oh yeah, and...
By: Don
The scene when Cheryl is using her "ESP to read the cards, and then turns around and floats in the air... her first incident of being possessed. That should be on this list too. Wow, two strikes. Almost out.  LOL
August 27, 2014
o conjunto completo da obra...
By: Sergio
Eu acho que esse é um raro filme onde TODO ele é uma grande sequencia destacável , pra mim sempre vai ser o melhor filme do gênero .
September 20, 2014
2013 remake
By: coorsgus
totally sucked nuts!worst remake ever.

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