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Wait a Minute, There Was an Alternate Ending to ‘Evil Dead’ and Ash was in it?

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Wait a Minute, There Was an Alternate Ending to ‘Evil Dead’ and Ash was in it?

April 8, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

Evil Dead Remake

Be warned, the following article contains some spoilers.

Some days back a BD community member made a third-party claim that there was an interesting alternate ending to Fede Alvarez’s, Evil Dead reboot. Fact or fiction, well, it seemed difficult to call. Today however, we’re seeing something of a confirmation, although the alternate ending that was cut didn’t quite match the supposed closing scene spread on BD. Or was it?

Here’s what was shared with the site: “I was told that there was a scene for post-credits where they shot Bruce Campbell in the Ash role but of course he is older (trying to integrate him into this remake’s timeline for future possible cross over),” the reader explained. “The surviving member of the group is walking down a road (all covered in blood from the final scene in the movie) and suddenly a truck (with the word “S-Mart” printed on the side of the truck’s container unit) drives up the road and stops by the survivor. Then the window roles down and we see none other than Ash (Ashley Williams…Bruce Campbell)…the hero and survivor from the original Evil Dead trilogy. He asks the survivor if everyting is OK and if any help was needed. Then the Survivor looks at Ash and turns again into a Deadite (gets possessed again)….then we see Ash with the camera zoomed in a close-up on his face as he says: “Groovy!” (one of his famous catchphrases from Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness…you fans know what I am talking about) and we fade to black… I was so excited and shocked when I heard this little golden nugget by the insider. Then the person goes on to tell me that they shot the whole scene but when Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell watched it they decided it was out of place (for now).”

Now, that sounds like some brilliant film work and a damn fine tribute right there. But did it really happen? Did Raimi and Campbell decide the shot had no place in the film, or is this all one of Hollywood’s wonderful theories?

It seems that there was indeed a post-credit sequence shot, although it’s not quite a carbon copy of the above description. It is however pretty close. One major difference that should be noted, is the fact that it was never Bruce Campbell in the scene. He doesn’t pick up our survivor, he isn’t spotted at all, in fact.

I know, that’s some terrible news, but keep in mind, Campbell and Raimi are still eyeing a potential Army of Darkness 2 release, so we may see Bruce reprise his role of the beloved Ash Williams in the near future. The possibility for another reprisal seems solid given the already strong box office showing (the film debuted in the top slot with a $26 million take) of Evil Dead. Fingers crossed.

Check out the actual details of the deleted scene:

Well it turns out the indeed a scene was shot. And in fact – it’s pretty much EXACTLY the same as the earlier intended post credits scene I was referencing in my above quote/caveat. Right after what we see in the film ends, Mia makes it out to the road. She’s exhausted and covered in blood. She passes out. A truck with a farmer (“Billy Bob”) and his wife happen upon her and they help her into the truck. She’s in the backseat, dazed as they’re headed to the hospital. Just as the farmer is explaining that she’ll be ok – BOOM! She opens her eyes. She’s a deadite, she smiles and the film cuts to black.

Evil Dead Alternate Ending



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April 9, 2013
Deadites Don't Exist in Sunlight
By: evilstatic007
That ending was cut because it goes against the Evil Dead mythology. However\, it would help explain a little better how The Abomination appeared *cough* after LESS than 5 souls were consumed *cough*.
April 9, 2013
By: Ariana
I would love to see the deleted scene. The movie was awesome!! Don't let me wait til it comes out on DVD to see it.
April 9, 2013
By: ddub_74012
*spoiler* the five souls WERE consumed (tho not necessarily possessed). You have Mia\, Olivia\, Natalie\, and Eric\, there's four\, all of which were possessed. Then David sacrified himself to kill them\, and he died in the fire\, so one could surmise that he could be considered the fifth \"consumation.\" Altho... since Mia came back\, her soul wouldn't have been able to be claimed...
April 9, 2013
The Abomination
By: EvilEd
If I recall correctly the book said the abomination would appear after 5 souls were feasted upon. I accepted it because all of the characters were affected by the Evil at one point during the movie. Mia was possessed for 90% of it\, and the others all died as a direct result of the Evil... I can't recall the other names off the top of my head.
April 9, 2013
By: Andre
April 9, 2013
The Film's Poster
By: PostGhost
With Mia walking down the road\, bloody stump under her arm: I'm guessing this image was taken from the deleted scene then\, yes? It looks like it matches pretty well!
April 9, 2013
***Spoiler 5 were consumed
By: DaChumz
I figured the 5 souls were the four friends minus Mia and then the chick from the beginning. They didn't really explain much so it's open I think
April 9, 2013
The girl at the beginning
She was the first soul... then the other 4 in present day..
April 9, 2013
other missing scenes
anyone else notice the clip from the trailer/promo pics of David furiously chainsawing and blood spraying all over his face? ...b/c it was NOT in the movie :/
April 9, 2013
Lots of cuts...
By: Cyanidenailbomb
They appear to have cut quite a few scenes. The most obvious to me was the scene where Mia was peaking out from under the basement hatch\, and singing that creepy little \"we're coming to get you\" bit. I waited for that\, and was very disappointed when it never showed up.
April 9, 2013
Cuts\, Yes. Expect an unrated version
By: James
April 9, 2013
Five Souls
By: Kyle
Actually there was five souls consumed... 1:Girl in the opening 2:Davild 3:Eric 4:Natalie 5:Oliva
April 9, 2013
Unrated verison
By: Zach
This movie was fantastic\, however it was cut to bits because they were going to get a NC-17 rating and they wanted to get a R rating. I can't wait for the uncut version that comes out on DVD.
April 9, 2013
5 souls
Dogs have souls! Couldn't have been the chick at the opening because they burned her and stopped what was happening\, therefore the process was started again when the incantation was read. So\, since Mia came back\, the dog had to have been the soul that nobody is counting
April 9, 2013
Good thing none of the characters were gingers\, because then they would not count. Sorry\, I had too. Anyways\, I saw this with my brother and I mentioned that they wanted to plan another trilogy with a possible Army of Darkness 2 from the previous trilogy. My guess is that they are going to tie this new trilogy in with the old in some way. I am excited for it.
April 9, 2013
Alternate Ending
By: Robin
I am glad that they didn't use the \"cut\" scene mentioned above. With Mia being the new \"Ash\" this opens up new possibilities for a sequel on this film. Also\, Bruce Campbell does say \"Groovy\" at the end of credits so he is shown at some point; and there is rumor to make more \"Army of Darkness\" films. In all we should all be excited that this franchise is making a come back!
April 9, 2013
Groovy Baby
By: Elizabeth1428
The scene that played after the credits in the movie I seen was Ash just saying \"Groovy baby\". And that was it. We never seen Mia being picked up. She walked into the woods alone\, the camera pans back into the sunlight and the credits roll. After them we see Ash with a black background and you hear \"Groovy baby\".
April 10, 2013
your wrong
five people did die\, ITS CALLED GRANDPA
April 10, 2013
Groovy Baby? This was evil dead\, not austin powers.
By: GhostW
He says \"Groovy\" that is all.
April 10, 2013
By: CcBloom
Ok correct me if im wrong\, but I felt like in the very beginning that the girl who died by fire and shot in the head ended that series of killings\, right?!? Mia did in fact die that's how the \"curse\" was lifted. lol its sooo confoodling
April 13, 2013
By: Crisblue
I havenn't seen the movie yet but I've read the script was supposed to be a scene after the end credits... too bad it was cut...
April 13, 2013
spoiler comment-5 souls
the girl in the beginning did count\, they were going to cleanse and save her soul/ but i dont think it was saved because she was all the way burned she was killed
April 15, 2013
By: Chris
They're making a sequel to Evil Dead which will be Evil Dead 2 and then they're gonna make a sequel to Army of Darkness which will be Army of Darkness 2 and then what ever happens after Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness 2 they're gonna combine them together for a 7th and Final Film
April 15, 2013
Deadite King
By: Jason
My theory is that the events that have taken place in Army Of Darkness has infact changed time. This Evil Dead movie is a direct result of Ash's actions and even though he isn't in this film\, he's still existing in this world. This is the reality he's returned to at the end of Army Of Darkness.
April 15, 2013
The Girl in the beginning's mother
By: Philip
Going along with the theory that if The Girl in the beginning's soul was cleansed\, remember when she said\, \"I will kill you\, like I killed your wife!\" I'm thinking the wife/mother was the 1st soul. Then (2nd) Olivia\, (3rd) Natalie\, (4th) Eric\, and then David would be the 5th\, while burning and most likely being murdered by deadite Eric (You hear David's pain as Mia watches the house burn).
April 15, 2013
Do dogs have souls?
By: James
Dog died.... did it have a soul? just saying he could have been 5
April 15, 2013
opening scene
By: Brad
you's are all forgetting the possessed girl at the beginning of the movie\, unless that didn't count?
April 15, 2013
Mad Respect with originality!
By: Anthony R. Sierra
I'm happy with his film\, it has a plethora of tributes\, an awesome score\, good story\, and a twist that took us all for a ride. I was cringing at the scene where olivia was sawing her face off in the dark! OOooooooooooo! Nice touch! The pace was just right too\, build up STOP and BOOM. Kept me going from the Hook\, and the finish was bad ass! The chainsaw was hardcore! I can understand how loyal fans will hate on this one\, because it lacks Sam Rami's cheesy cartoony humor. But this has to set the standard for future horror to come. I put this up there with Rob Zombie and George A. Romero. Bravo
April 15, 2013
Re: the 5 souls
By: Heather (
@evilstatic007\, Mia IS the abomination (it's basically Evil Mia like Evil Ash) so her soul was consumed afterall. I was confused about it at first too but once I realized that was Mia (it wasn't very clear)\, it made sense.
April 15, 2013
Dissecting Evil Dead
By: Heather
I wrote a 3-part analysis of this describing the 5 soul subplot along with a LOT of other stuff (this is part 1):
April 15, 2013
there were five souls
By: jimmy blue
dont forget the girl at the beginning who was burned against the post...that was number one\, then the four others with mia one of which were her brother bam...5
April 15, 2013
5 souls
By: stormer
if you remember\, there were 5 souls. all except the brother were possessed. all he had to do was kill his sister so that her soul was \"clean\" and no longer possessed by the demon. so i took it as her being brought back to life as the demon losing her soul\, but not until after it was strong enough to come back. once she killed it all was well.
April 15, 2013
By: LibsD
I'm wondering if some of you actually saw the same movie I did. Also there is an after credits easter egg where Bruce/Ash does say \"groovy\" and puts his glasses on. I had no idea\, until now\, that it was from a longer scene. Nice...
April 15, 2013
luv horror
By: dreadful
luv horror movies of all kinds
April 15, 2013
To save or cleanse their souls they HAD to die. Each one of the cleansing in the book ended with a death. As for the abomination\, it apparently takes forms. When it was from Mia's point of view she saw her self\, but from other views it was a awkward skinny man/demon. Mia was not the abomination\, she was just chosen\, most weak willed. Like when olivia is in the bathroom\, the \"evil\" appears in the mirror as her\, sealing her fate. Bad-ass movie all around. Can't wait for more.
April 21, 2013
Ash's Back
I'm from Brazil and yesterday i went to see the Evil Dead remake. Here\,in the post-credits scene Ash was in it. It was only a close-up shot at his face and then he says \"Groovy\". The same happened with Army of Darkness. Here\, it was released the alternate ending with Ash waking up in the future.
May 6, 2013
Evil Dead
By: Kornbred
As a fan of the Raimi trilogy I can honestly say that I loved this remake unlike some of the fucking better ones that shouldn't have been touched (Hint: A Nightmare on Elm Street!). Yes there is an Evil Dead 2 being scripted as we speak. Yes there is a work in progress of Army Of Darkness 2 and yes if these two movies succeed there there will be a crossover with Ash and Mia for a 7th and final movie.
May 9, 2013
The 5 Souls consumed
By: Ash Williams\, Jr
Dog's don't have souls!!! They're like gingers.
May 11, 2013
The 5 Souls
By: Brittany S.
A living human being has a soul. It didn't mean \"possessed soul\"... so... First was Olivia\, Second was Natalie\, Third was Mia (before David brought her back to life via his home-made Defibrillator) and Fourth and Fifth was Eric and David when the house blew up. There ya go :)
July 8, 2013
Only thing that adds up to five
By: Cory
I believe the 5 souls were the following\, because I don't believe the original cleansing broke any cycle: 1)mother described as killed in the beginning (the girl's soul was saved when she was burned\, THEN she died when shot) 2)Nurse 3)Girlfriend 4)Eric 5)David (I believe Mia's soul was saved as she was buried to cleanse her soul THEN brought back to life so her soul was never taken) also\, I don't think the dog counted Everyone wants a cut and dry answer\, but it's all opinions anyways... o well.
February 23, 2014
Let me explain...
By: Veronica Goff
The girl in the beginning and her mother do not count in the 5 souls. If The Kandarian Demon had not been vanquished with the death of the girl, it would have continued to feed on the souls of the people there until it consumed it's required 5 souls. So her father, the witch, and all the deformed rednecks would have been at risk. However, since she was the only one possessed and her father killed her (cleansed her soul), The Demon was stopped. Later, when Eric reads from the book, The Kandarian Demon is summoned again and begins feeding upon their souls. The first soul consumed is Mia's (obviously). The next to become possessed is Olivia, who is killed by Eric. Then Natalie, who is killed by David. After Eric succumbs to his MANY wounds, David buries Mia alive and she dies. He then pulls her up out of the ground and revives her. When he goes back into the house, he is stabbed in the jugular by the now-deadite, Eric. Since Eric was not actually dead when David though he was, he was still able to be possessed by The Kandarian Demon. In a last effort to save his sister, David locks himself in the house with Eric and shoots a gas can, setting the house ablaze. This provides The Abomination with the 4th and 5th souls needed for it to rise. "But Mia came back to life, so how could it have claimed her soul?" Let us not forget that the first murder was poor Grandpa (the dog) at the hands of the newly possessed Mia. So there you have it. TL:DR 1. Grandpa 2. Olivia 3. Natalie 4. Eric 5. David

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