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Wait a Minute…’Oz the Great and Powerful’ Was a Remake of ‘Army of Darkness’?

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Wait a Minute…’Oz the Great and Powerful’ Was a Remake of ‘Army of Darkness’?

July 22, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

Oz of Darkness vs Army of Darkness

First off, a big thanks to my brother-in-law, who just directed me to this nifty little vid that sheds some light on Sam Raimi’s current measure of creativity. As you should all remember, Sam helped birth the amazing Evil Dead franchise. After two Evil Dead films, Raimi took his story’s lead character Ash in a unique direction: he dropped him off in a medieval setting and ditched the Evil Dead moniker in favor of the brooding brand, Army of Darkness. The third film in this ongoing story proved to be a thrilling flick crammed full of crazy special effects and laugh-out-loud moments, completely different, but totally faithful to the first two Evil Dead pictures.

Fast forward a couple decades and Sam is still pumping out some wild work. He brought Spider-Man to life like none have imagined possible. He brought more evil spirits to the public’s attention with Drag Me to Hell. And last year he assembled the oft-panned (I liked it, personally) Oz the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the classic, Wizard of Oz.

It’s easy to spot some of Sam’s trademark maneuvers while watching Oz the Great and Powerful… but I completely missed how unbelievably similar it really is to the aforementioned, Army of Darkness. And believe me, it’s really, really similar.

Here’s a brand new video, from a brand new web-series titled, “I liked it better when…” that highlights the uncanny similarities between the two pictures. Just watch – first, prepare to be blown away – and take in the complete breakdown which seems to hint a potential issue with creativity on Raimi’s end. As you’ll soon find out, Oz the Great and Powerful was… well, it was pretty much Army of Darkness shot with a different cast!



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July 22, 2013
I said this months ago!
By: super8rocks
Had a discussion with friends about the similarities. It also reminded me a lot of The Three Amigos.

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