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The Wig (2005) Horror Movie Review

The Wig (2005) Review

August 6, 2012
By Spider
The Wig is for anyone looking for intelligent haunting horror.

The Wig (2005) Poster

Release Date: August 12, 2005
Directed By: Won Shin-yeon
Written By: Won Shin-yeon


Min-seo Chae
Hyon-Jin Sa
Seon Yu

I picked up The Wig on sale one rainy Saturday afternoon. I hadn’t heard anything about the film and wasn’t excepting much but since I had some extra cash and was in the mood to watch a horror flick, I picked it up figuring if it was dreadful I’d at least get a good laugh. My roommate even rolled her eyes when she saw my purchase later that day, commenting that there was no way a movie called The Wig would be any good.

I’m happy to say we were both wrong, and have since become fans of this film.

The plot revolves around two young women. The first is Ji-hyeon, an artist whose vocal cords were severed in a mysterious car accident, and whose marriage engagement has recently ended. The second is Ji-hyeon’s younger sister Su-hyeon who is losing a battle with cancer.

Ji-hyeon decides to take Su-hyeon out of the hospital where she has been undergoing treatment back home so she can enjoy what little time she has left. Right before they leave the hospital though, Ji-hyeon gives her sister a beautiful human hair wig. Little does she know, this simple loving gift from one sister to another is tainted by an unknown curse and Ji-hyeon will soon find herself facing a vengeful ghost and secrets that have been long hidden.

The acting in this film is amazing, the lighting and staging switches from creepy to beautiful to nightmarish with brilliant efficiently. The makeup is incredible.

The Wig engulfs you in the beauty, tragedy and horror surrounding the sisters. It sucks you in and doesn’t let go. I highly recommend this film for anyone looking for intelligent haunting horror film beyond the typical slash and gore of the horror genre.


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June 19, 2012
Good stuff
By: The Horror Czar
I haven't seen this film, but now will check it out based on your review.

I've added this review to the primary BHM database - thanks!

Don Sumner

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