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The 10 Coolest Characters in Werewolf Films

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The 10 Coolest Characters in Werewolf Films

May 3, 2013
By Matt Molgaard - Staff Writer

American Werewolf

The inconsistency we see in werewolf features often boggles the mind. The lycanthrope is an amazingly petrifying monster that – when handled properly – makes for some stellar genre fare. The problem is, for every one kick ass werewolf pic to hit the market, we’re force-fed a good half dozen stinkers. No one is going to remember those uninspired efforts, but the special films, I mean the really special films, simply cannot be forgotten.

This list pulls from the typical “Best Werewolf Movie” concept, and focuses a bit closer on the characters within those rare success stories. And let’s face it, a fine tale of this nature absolutely must have the support of magnificent characters. Take the personalities we may potentially love from a film and replace them with senseless violence and brute beasts, fully intent to kill for cheap shocks, and we lose the magic of the film. We’ve seen countless flicks of this nature. Happy to toss character emphasis in the dumpster in exchange for (often) hokey special effects, and dismal performances.

However, not all sputter, stumble and faceplant. There are some amazing werewolf flicks out there, and the one thing they all have in common (aside from the presence of a big hairy man eater) is the fact that viewers often build a genuine attachment to these stories and more specific, their individuals.

Plus, nine times out of ten, these pseudo-rational heroes seem to be awfully cool, and those are the individuals we now highlight!

10. Ginger (Ginger Snaps): Ginger is a crazy broad. She’s a little bit like those girls in high school that you try desperately to avoid, fear of what any measure of attraction might lead to. She’s also got a wily side, which is awfully endearing in the strangest of ways. She’s packed full of attitude, but it suits her well. Outcast? Sure. Rebellious in nature? Check. Potentially vicious as all hell? Well, you should know the answer to that…

Giner in the movie Ginger Snaps

09. Jack Goodman (An American Werewolf in London): You know Kessler is making the list, so it shouldn’t surprise you to see Jack Goodman slide comfortably into the top 10. This dude was absolutely awesome, and while his screen time is relatively minimal, he’s still a very enjoyable element of An American Werewolf in London. Jack’s finest moments come long after being attacked and killed by a werewolf on a quiet, moonlit evening. However, Jack doesn’t need a pulse to deliver some golden lines, and the flesh hanging ragged from his mangled face doesn’t hinder the laughs in the slightest… quite the opposite, in fact.

Jack Goodman in American Werewolf in London

08. Lucian (Underworld): Upon watching the first Underworld film, Lucian comes across as a villainous dude with a chip on his shoulder. Well, he’s definitely got the chip, but as we learned in the franchise flick, Rise of the Lycans, Lucian is anything but an antagonist. This compassionate beast is naturally quite heroic, with leadership qualities most would kill for. The truth is, when you look at the series as a whole, Lucian is arguably the most polarizing character to be introduced.

Lucan in the movie Underworld

07. Uncle Ted (Bad Moon): I’m not going to sell you some malarkey here: I have no idea exactly what it is about Bad Moon’s, Uncle Ted that strikes such a chord. It could be the fact that Michael Pare carries a constant sense of superiority without projecting any irritating level of arrogance, and as it just so happens; He’s just kind of… smooth. Calm in moments that should inspire outright freak outs, and very human throughout the course of the film, despite his affliction; Ted’s a guy who works for reasons I’m not capable of accurately describing. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s Michael Pare handling another transfixing and emotional taxing role. Full investments were made the first time I caught Eddie and The Cruisers. Uncle Ted is a sympathetic character who fans must explore. This is a perfectly fine job of casting.

Uncle Ted in the horror movie Bad Moon

06. Sgt. Harry G. Wells (Dog Soldiers): Wells is a damn firecracker. He’s also a believable leader-type. Compact but explosive, he’s a guy you want to see survive a showdown with werewolves. The man endures quite a bit, but whether he actually survives or not is a detail that will go unnoted due to the sizable chunk of genre fans who still haven’t seen this little treasure. Rest assured, you’ll probably cheer for his presence, as his sparky attitude is really quite infectious. This is a fun character that holds a special place in my heart, as he’s a standout personality, to the fullest.          

Sargent Wells in the movie Dog Soliders

05. Marty Coslaw (Silver Bullet): Corey Haim captures childhood essence as Marty Coslaw with pitch-perfect conviction. He plays the role of blossoming adventurer, unwilling to let his physical handicaps deter his aspirations. But when he finds himself in a showdown with one damn intimidating werewolf, he’s forced to grow at an exponential rate, leaving behind the innocence of childhood; replaced by the stress that comes with life or death experiences. Through it all, Marty sports an upbeat personality and a resilience rarely seen in young characters. Hilarious, determined, courageous and extremely charming, Marty Coslaw is a timeless character, and one that deserves to be recognized as a truly iconic character.

Silver Bullet Marty


04. Marsha Quist (The Howling): Marsha is cunning and seductive, cruel and intelligent. She’s also got an absolutely magnificent body… when in human form, that is. Oh wait, did I leave out the part about her being a nymphomaniac? I couldn’t have. Marsha is a solid 10 across the board, engaging every time she slinks into frame, and paralyzing in her beauty when the garments come off. Poor, poor Bill, it must be tough handling a woman like that.

Marsha Quist in the movie The Howling

03. Reverend Lowe (Silver Bullet): Reverend Lowe is a monster of the somewhat sympathetic ilk. Don’t get me wrong, he’s brutal, with a taste for the taboo. However there is some semblance of humanity in this unlikely adversary and that helps to dull the impact of his crimes. However, by the time the final act rolls around, Lowe’s dedicated his powerful presence and murderous tendencies to little more than complete carnage. This is a fantastic creation that draws a wide variety of emotions from viewers. The most pronounced may be unrelenting horror.

Reverend Lowe from the movie Silver Bullett

02. David Kessler (An American Werewolf in London): The bumbling charm of David Kessler is awesome. He’s pretty much your average guy, and the fact that he isn’t a debonair dude at all times, or a rugged, hardened hero really endows the man a measure of humility and humanism. We know this dude is liable to screw something up, or trip over his shoelace. It’s those frequent moments of vulnerability that makes Dave one of the subgenre’s truly memorable figures.

David Kessler American Werewolf in London

01. Uncle Red (Silver Bullet): There is no cooler character to be found in a werewolf picture. Uncle Red epitomizes greatness. He’s a naturally funny guy with a big place in his heart for his nephew Marty. He’s also extremely handy, hits the bottle like a champ and shows little fear in the face of a flesh-eating monster determined to silence the handicapped youngster who’s discovered his true identity. Uncle Red is all man, to sum it up, and he’s a hero of the finest accord. Show me the uncle willing to whip me up an ultra-bad ass motorized wheelchair and gift some wicked fireworks. I’ll call that uncle my hero!

Uncle Red Silver Bullet


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